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How to Choose The Right Bridal Makeup Artist?

Bridal makeups have taken the marketplace by storm. Millions of marriages take place in India and every girl dreams to look just perfect. With this comes the responsibility of selecting the right bridal makeup artist. Almost every girl ponders over how to choose the right bridal makeup artist? The thought of marriage sends mixed reactions of both worry and happiness. And when it comes to bridal makeovers worrying is only natural. It leads people to search for a great bridal makeup artist.

  • Bridal makeup artist – types

While finding a make-up artist who provides bridal makeup in Delhi or NCR might be a tedious one, it can be simplified if you know what qualities you have to look for. Bridal makeover artist is of two types. The first one, with certificates, pursued a makeover course from some prestigious academy. Second, one who explored the entire field of makeovers all by themselves, continuously experimenting and improving 

Let us look at both of them one by one. The certified bridal makeover artist definitely has good knowledge about the products and different types of skin. Hence, he knows which product goes along with what kind of skin. This saves brides from a lot of hassle, especially on their wedding day. But, the certification of MUA does not validate someone as a skilled artist. Even though he might possess a lot of knowledge in regards to makeovers it is not the only parameter.

On the other hand, the self-taught MUA is the one who may lack that in-depth product knowledge. But, since he had devoted most of his time to practicals, his skills became a lot more proficient. Yet, the absence of up-to-the-mark knowledge is not acceptable.

  • What a bride needs?

Since the theory and practical are synergistic to each other it is only befitting that they must act in perfect harmony. The to-be brides have to find out exactly this.  A bridal makeover artist who is a perfect blend of knowledge and its application. Since these people are rare as most only disguise themselves as known it all, it sometimes is equivalent to finding a needle in the hay stack.

For this, you may have to search through scores of people. Going through their portfolios and once you shortlist some makeover artists you may ask them a few things regarding bridal makeovers which would validate their authenticity and hence someone you could trust.

You must start with basic questions like how many bridal makeovers have you done to day. If the answer is prompt you would clear the first hurdle of doubt. You may ask about the kind of products you use since this defines not only the knowledge regarding the products (and their variants) of the makeover artist but also defines his/her own self-esteem.

You may even ask if there is a trial for bridal makeovers as this is the litmus test of any confusion or doubt. If yes, it will place a seal of authenticity. But it is something that not all MUAs agree on since it is both time-consuming and costs on products as well.

  • Conclusion

Since we are now in the age of talent over certification, therefore, we can conclude one thing with absolute certainty. Those skills matter over knowledge. A bridal makeup artist bragging about his/her certification can definitely be avoided as it is not their certified knowledge but their skill application that you need. You can now book a professional makeup artist at home by simply logging into the website The Monsha’s and here you go. The bridal makeup artist would arrive and deliver a makeover beyond your imagination. 

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