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How To Clean The School Desks? Tips And Hints

How To Clean The School Desks? Tips And Hints


What are the best products and the most effective ways to clean school desks? The most correct answer to this question must start from an understanding of the type of “aggression” to which we subject these surfaces daily, as well as the hygiene needs that they must entail.

Girl in a medical mask washes tables in a school class during the quarantine period Girl in a medical mask washes tables in a school class during the quarantine period school desk cleaning stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

School desks, as is well known, are touched hundreds of times a day by many people, and this kind of “treatment” occurs daily for several months a year. Not only that: we soil them with ink, graphite, and sometimes chalk, smeared them with glue and color, and subjected them to many stresses.

Cleaning the school desks correctly means not only guaranteeing a long life for these furnishing elements but also creating a healthier environment in the classroom, eliminating not only stains and residues of the most disparate materials but also many germs and bacteria. Simply dusting the counters cannot and should never be the solution.

So let’s see some advice on how to clean school desks in a practical and effective way.

We should clean school desks daily to minimize the spread and exposure of bacteria and viruses that can cause colds, flu, or other ailments for students. The first aim, therefore, must be to guarantee hygiene even before the impeccable appearance of the furniture.

The ideal equipment for cleaning school desks should include:

  • A bucket
  • Hot water
  • Specific cleaners
  • Disinfectant
  • Rubber gloves
  • Good quality sponge
  • Good quality clothes for drying

A professional cleaner – concentrated or multipurpose, or alcohol-based for glossy surfaces – is undoubtedly the first and fundamental ally to remove the coarsest dirt with the aid of a dedicated sponge.

Naturally, we recommend you use special rubber gloves to prevent your skin from coming into direct contact with detergents and, possibly, also a mask to be placed on the face to avoid unpleasant inhalations. With particularly insidious residues – such as glue, paint, or chewing gum – that cannot be easily removed from the surfaces, you can opt for a resistant plastic scraper and proceed, tilting it at 45 degrees, to remove it.

You can use the solution that you have placed in the bucket both for the surface of the school desks and for the legs, as well as for any compartments or drawers. Squeeze and rinse the sponge repeatedly to keep it constantly clean and renew the solution in the bucket.

Once the school desk is clean, you can move on to its disinfection using specific products and finally proceed with drying using good quality clothes, which do not leave lint or water deposits.

Would you like to receive more information or a dedicated offer regarding specific cleaners and detergents, or professional cleaning equipment?

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