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How To Download Udemy Courses Free In 2022

Since its start in 2010, Udemy has grown to become one of the most popular online learning platforms, offering a vast selection of reasonably priced online courses on a wide range of disciplines. Notably, the pandemic epidemic that ignites the largest online education movement in history has brought Udemy to a head. However, the system is not exempt from criticism like other online learning platforms. One factor fueling user resentment is the difficulty of downloading Udemy courses to a PC. How To Download Udemy Courses Free In 2022

The ability to download a lecture video to a computer may not be available for all Udemy courses unless the instructors enable the downloading capability due to platform-specific security measures and the DRM (Digital Rights Management) that Udemy adds to many of its video files. For those who want to download the courses they subscribe to for offline usage, this causes inconvenience. Do not worry; in this post, we will present the top 4 methods for downloading Udemy courses to a PC. Explore by reading on!

Udemy courses for PC download

Udemy courses can be downloaded with VideoProc Converter
You can easily download video streams, live videos, video playlists, channels, and music from Udemy, Facebook, Dailymotion, Twitch, and more than a thousand other user-generated content (UGC) websites with the help of VideoProc Converter, a free dedicated video downloader that offers robust support for media downloads with top-notch file quality of any kind. Additionally, unlike most other video downloaders on the market, you may fully accelerate the conversion of the downloaded videos to universal formats and codecs in both Windows and Mac devices.
The Udemy video downloader can be downloaded for free, installed, and used. Open the Downloader and run it.

Step 2: Use VideoProc Converter to download Udemy courses to your computer.

Step 2. After clicking Add Video, paste the playlist or video course URL from Udemy. Select the preferred video format and resolution before clicking Analyze.

You must sign in with your Udemy login information in order to download any premium courses that are offered on the platform. You should only download Udemy courses for personal use using VideoProc Convereter; downloading copy-protected content is not advised. The entire accountability for your actions rests with the end users.

Step 3: Use VideoProc Converter to download Udemy courses to your computer.

Advice: It’s possible to download Udemy videos in batches.

3. Choose an output folder, click Download Now, and then let the application take care of the rest.

Udemy course downloads using Allavsoft
Allavsoft stands out when it comes to downloading Udemy courses on PC because it was designed with a great capacity for downloading media content. The tool allows you to download different media files from a variety of websites, including Udemy, and has an easy-to-use interface. As we move forward, the programme also makes it possible to bulk download numerous Udemy playlists and videos at once on Windows and Mac devices with subtitles.

Step 1: Download and run Allavsoft.
Step 2: Copy and paste the playlist or course URL from Udemy. The copied link to the Udemy video course will be immediately put into Allavsoft as you run it, appearing in the address bar.

Step 3: If you want to download Udemy courses in a format other than MP4, choose your preferred video format.

Using Allavsoft, download Udemy courses on your computer.
Step 4: To download, click the Download button. After you click the Download button, a window where you can enter your Udemy account to log in will appear if the video is a paid one.

A fee will be added if you download more than the allowed five complete videos for free with Allavsoft.

With the Downloader Extension, download Udemy courses.
The built-in browser extension would be a good alternative for individuals who are hesitant to use a third-party video downloader, similar to Video DownloaderHelper, which is a simple but effective web video downloader. The free extension, which works with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge on Windows, Mac, and Linux, certainly lives up to the expectations. You might save streams and videos from thousands of other websites in addition to Udemy videos with the help of this addon.

Step 1: Install the Video DownloadHelper browser extension.

Step 2: Open a video course playback page that you want to download after logging in with your Udemy account. If necessary, modify both the video format and image quality.

3. To download the videos, click on the extension icon in your browser’s toolbar. The films will be save in the specified location on your PC after you complete this step.

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