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How to Draw Curly Hair

How to Draw Curly Hair

Drawing fur is usually a challenge in the most useful cases. We see hair on our heads every day, but when you sit down to draw it, you can see that it is harder than you think.

Hair has no solid shape, can have many shapes, and have a unique texture. With all the hair types you can draw, drawing curly hair is perhaps the most dreaded type artists can draw. You may think it will be very difficult, but this guide shows that it should not be!

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Drawing Curly Hair

Step 1:

To start this guide on drawing curly hair, we will start with the head’s jaw, where the hair will be. To make items a little more comfortable for the next steps, you can use a light pencil to draw in a rough form you can use to help guide where you will put your hair.

Step 2:

Before adding the hair from the curly hair drawing, you must first use a curved line to draw the other side of the neck. Once there, you can use a line below and between them.

Now you can start drawing the hair itself. It may seem not very easy, but if you accept slowly and closely follow the reference image, it will do a great job!

To make things easier, you need to start by drawing in a form m on the forehead of your head. You can use it to extend the lines in the first winding loops. Finally, use curved lines above the curls to form the top of the head.

Step 3:

Now that you have the hair start on your curly hair design, you can start working harder. I recommend working from the right to the left of the hair you designed in the previous step.

Carefully following the guide image, you can use many curved lines to make more curls and the top of the head. Again, for this stage, I recommend using a light pencil to draw and the next steps before they go to pencil.

Also, don’t worry about doing exactly what you do in the image! You can change certain details and the hair structure, which would always look great.

Step 4:

The next steps for your curly hair design are slightly easier than before. At this stage, we will add some more curls under the hair you designed in the previous step.

Step 5:

I have good news for you because you finished all the delicate pieces! However, as you know, hair is not a solid room; therefore, in the next few steps, we will add some details to make it look like a lot of hair.

Starting with the right hair section, you should start drawing many thin and curled lines to look like the texture of the hair.

Step 6:

Now that you have designed your first hair texture, you can start adding even more. For this stage of our guide on drawing curly hair, you can start moving left to your head, adding lines to the hair in the middle of the head.

Step 7:

How to Draw Curly Hair

You know the exercise at this stage; therefore, for this phase of your curly hair design, continue to add lines to the bottom of the back of the hair.

You almost ended with curly hair design, so keep adding more lines of texture, this time in the great loop near the side of the head. With this stage of our guide on drawing curly hair, you can start adding the final details!

Some additional lines will be necessary for the remaining part of the hair, and you can add certain lines to make the collarbone under the neck. After adding these details, it’s time for the last step!

Step 8:

How to Draw Curly Hair

It was a more delicate drawing for the face, but you did an amazing job going so far! Now that your curly hair drawing is complete, you can let go of your creativity and add color to your drawing!

We show a way to color in your drawing, but for this step, you should let your creativity be triggered! It can also be fun to color your hair the same color as yours!

After deciding the color to do your hair, you can have fun with your favorite art means and tools to create an amazing finish for your drawing!

3 Other tips for facilitating curly hair drawing!

Make this delicate curly hair drawing a little easier with these 3 useful tips. The design of this curly hair drawing is more complicated than it sounds. There are many details and complex lines to be made; you can consider deleting some of these details to make it easier.

Ideally, this should be done in moderation because these details add to the image. If there are aspects you really have problems with, you should feel comfortable excluding them or simplifying them.

It is about playing with your strengths; changing the image will not worsen things. As long as you are not frustrated when you draw, the work of art will be better for that!

Another way to facilitate drawing your curly hair would be to look at photos of curly hair. You can meet someone with hair as curly as you can use as inspiration.

Otherwise, you can find many online images of curly hairstyles similar to those in our example. If you do this, try to find one that is as similar as possible to our example. Even if it’s a little different, you can always see what the texture and hair flow can adapt to your drawing.

Finally, if you still have problems with the details of this curly hair sketch, you can modify the hairstyle a little. For example, it could be more manageable if the hair was tied to a ponytail.

This way, you can always portray curly hair, but it would be more forced and easier to control. It is just an example of a hairstyle that may be easier, but you may have a favorite hairstyle you prefer.

Try to find images or references to this new hairstyle and then pass the guide again with the new style in mind. It may not only make it easier, but you can create a style you like best than what we create!

Your curly hair drawing is complete!

You have accepted an entire challenge with this drawing and should be very proud to finish your drawing! Although it is more delicate, we hope our step stage guide on drawing curly hair has made it easy and fun for you to learn.

If you follow each step closely and accept it slowly, you will have an amazing drawing in a short time! After finishing, we can barely wait to see what colors and art mean you will use to finish!

Paintings, watercolors, colorful pens, and pencils are examples of what you could use for your photo, so we can barely wait to see what you are going through!

Please make sure you consult our site frequently to access many other step-by-step drawing guides that we will constantly do!

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