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How to sort your belongings efficiently for a successful move

Who says move says new start. It is more pleasant to leave your home with as few belongings as possible than to carry a pile of bric-a-brac accumulated during your life to your new home. You will feel much better afterward and can invest 100% in your new home. By sorting your belongings before transporting them, you can reduce the number of boxes to be used and thus optimize every inch of your move.

At first, sorting allows you to keep only useful objects and saves considerable time. Sorting gives you greater flexibility and more space to buy new furniture, decorations, books, etc. Start off on the right foot by keeping only the essentials!

Then, sorting before moving will allow you to give objects a second life. Then, if you want to donate it to associations, some will not hesitate to go to your home to collect the items you want.

Thanks to sorting, you can finally move in terms of business, but also in terms of expenses. Indeed, if you use a moving company, it calculates its price according to the volume to be transported. So the less volume you have to transport, the more you save!

Aspects to consider when sorting before moving

When we sort, we get rid of many objects, but which ones? It is hard to imagine that we are going to give up the objects that we cherish. When imagining the layout of your new home, start by sorting through the objects and furniture. List those you will keep and those you want to part with.

we have prepared a list of items that may no longer be used in your new home:

  • Expired products: Check the expiry date of your products, such as canned goods, dry goods, pasta, rice, or flour.
  • Items you have borrowed such as books.
  • Without noticing, it sometimes happens to buy duplicate items, nothing like good sorting to be able to lighten up before the move.
  • If some things have been broken for a while and you still haven’t dared to throw them away, it’s still possible to repair them if you feel the need, or think about second-hand online stores!
  • Finally, like most users, we have objects that we have used very little. This is an opportunity to think about associations and leave them to someone who will surely use them more than you!

Organization of sorting before moving

It’s best to start with the room where you’ve crammed the most stuff, as this one will take longer. Closets and dressing rooms tend to store a lot of things, especially those that are not used frequently.

The garage, attic, or basement are also strategic places to store many things. But, in general, you rarely use most of the objects stored in these spaces.

Pack seasonal items such as ski equipment, blankets, and Christmas decorations in distinctive boxes so that you can find them more easily when using them.

Pack your mattress and rugs in protective covers like you can use a mattress moving cover and rug storage bag to protect them efficiently. If you want to buy these and more protective packaging materials, visit Britwrap.com.

You can also sort by object type, starting with the category of objects you use the least. This technique allows you to focus on one type of object at a time. Then you can attack the part of fragile objects, which requires more attention.

There is seasonal sorting. Yes, some things are more used in winter than summer and vice versa, such as the raclette machine, outdoor clothing, or ski that take up a significant place in your wardrobe.

Our advice for efficient sorting

  • Stop buying a month before moving. In general, these are items that you will not need immediately. You will then have to wait for the end of your move before restarting all your purchases.
  • Prefer digitized versions of your papers in case of loss or damage during transport.
  • A little tip: sort the boxes into 4 categories “sell”, “donations”, “trash can”, “keep”. With this classification, sorting your move will be much easier!
  • To do an effective sorting, you have to take the time and anticipate and start at least 3 months in advance so as not to run out of time to sort as well as possible.

We recommend that you make a checklist to find your bearings in time and thus schedule the days and rooms of your house to be sorted. Attention! Try not to spread the sorting out too much over several days. The ideal would be to devote 3 days to tidying up your home.

There you are, cards in hand, ready to make a successful lean move! It’s your turn!

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