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How To Take Care Of Your Cosmetic Lip Tattoo

A cosmetic lip tattoo is a great way to enhance your lips and make them look fuller. However, like any new body modification, there are some things that you should know before getting one done. Your lip tattoo touch up is an exciting new addition to your look, and we’re here to make sure you don’t have to worry about it. Taking care of your cosmetic lip tattoo is a lot like taking care of any other tattoo. You’ll want to keep it clean and dry, avoid scalding it with hot liquids, and avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals or acids. Here are our top tips for taking care of your cosmetic lip tattoo:

1) Use A Good Quality Lip Balm

This will help keep your lips soft and smooth, which is essential when wearing a lip tattoo. You should keep it clean and dry. Also, you should prevent it from hot liquids and harsh chemicals/acids. You should use normal water to wash your lips every day, or at least once a week. If you’re using lip balm, try not to apply too much at one time; instead, apply it in small amounts throughout the day. You can also use an oil-based makeup remover if you want to get rid of any lip balm residue on your lips. After a few months, you should also get the lip tattoo touch up to prevent color fading. 

2) Keep Lips Hydrated

Firstly, cover the area with an adhesive bandage or gauze. After the adhesive bandage or gauze is off, gently exfoliate with an exfoliating cream. Keep your lips hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day, especially if you do any strenuous exercise or if you wear glasses or contact lenses. Apply sunscreen daily for at least one month after your procedure.

3) Avoid Eating Salty Food

Avoid eating salty foods such as potato chips, which can dry out your lips and cause irritation. If you do eat them, make sure they are eaten in moderation so that they don’t cause too many problems!

4) Regularly Wash Hands

Wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water after touching anything sticky like gum or candy. This helps prevent infection from bacteria that could lead to painful sores on your lips! avoid getting any foreign objects into your lip tattoo. If you’re using an edible product, make sure that it’s completely dry before putting it on—otherwise, you might get some kind of infection or irritation when eating or drinking something hot or cold later on!

5) Avoid Using Chemical Cleaners

Do not use any kind of chemical cleaners or soaps on your lip tattoo, as this can cause discoloration and/or fade the color of your product. Thus, you should consult your makeup artist before using any cleaner. She will suggest you the right products for cleaning your lips after getting a tattoo on them. The cosmetic lip tattoo is completely different from other kinds of tattoos and you should take care of it. Also, you should gently exfoliate your lip tattoo with a soft cloth or toothbrush.

6) Night Routine

Apply petroleum jelly to your lip tattoo once a day before going to bed at night to keep it moisturized and protected from the elements while you sleep! You should take care of your lips before going to bed and make sure that they stay moisturized for the whole night. Therefore, it is very important to follow a good nighttime routine.

7) Avoid Harsh Soaps And Conditioners

Avoid using harsh soaps and conditioners unless specifically recommended by your doctor or dermatologist. These products can dry out the wound site and cause irritation, pain, and swelling which could lead to infection or scarring.

8) Apply Sunscreen

Apply sunblock every time you go outside and apply it liberally over the area of your cosmetic lip tattoo touch up until it dries completely after swimming laps at the beach or playing sports outdoors during summer months when UV rays are strong.

9) Alcohol-Free Sanitizing Wipe

Use an alcohol-free sanitizing wipe every night before bedtime and after you’re done eating or drinking anything alcoholic. These wipes contain acid that kills bacteria and fungus so they are more effective than water alone at preventing infection from bacteria or mold spores left behind by food or drinks like wine or beer that have been stored in an open container in your kitchen or refrigerator overnight without being tightly sealed (this can occur if you leave unwashed dishes sitting out on countertops overnight).

Finally, keep track of where you keep your lip tattoo so that you know which areas need extra attention if there’s any change in coloration over time (like if your lips lose their color due to sun exposure).

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