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How to win in bubble ball .

Since bubble ball or bubble soccer is a brand-new game, many players who haven’t played or have only played a few times could benefit from some pointers. Some folks are only interested in having fun. Winning is everything to some people. We have some advice for playing bubble ball that will help you win as well as have fun.

1. Stay low when bumping

The secret to succeeding in one-on-one bump bouts is keeping your body anchored. Maintain a wide stance, and when you’re going to collide with another player, keep moving your feet and your body weight angled toward them. Even if you may be a smaller player, this does not guarantee that you will frequently get knocked to the ground. Use your low center of gravity to your advantage if you are smaller.

2. Keep the goal blocked

Goalkeeping in bubble soccer is undoubtedly not the most enjoyable position on the field, thus we don’t advise keeping a player permanently positioned in front of the goal. To ensure that you have a goaltender available to step in when the soccer ball approaches the goal, you should have a defender close to the goal.

3. Keep your head on a swivel

You are a target if you are close to the ball. When you’re in a bubble soccer ball, visibility isn’t always obvious, so you’ll want to keep your head moving. Keep a low posture and prepare for an unexpected hit when you have the soccer ball or are close to it.

4. Get up quickly

Quickly getting back up after being knocked down is essential for maintaining possession of the ball. Many times when two people contact, both of the players lose their balance, leaving the ball in the air. The person with the ball and the best chance of winning is the one who can stand up more quickly.

5. Don’t bump others with your body tilted forward

Your head is exposed if your body is leaned forward. The risk of a head-on collision increases if the opposing player is likewise leaning forward and exposing their head. There can still be injuries in a sport where you’re enclosed by a huge bubble. Be judicious and watchful!

6. Bring protection and proper attire

If you’re playing on a hard surface, you most definitely should bring knee protectors. There will be moments when you fall directly on your knees, but you should always attempt to land on the bubble. Tennis shoes and cool apparel are other things you should make sure you are wearing. When you’re running around inside a bubble ball it can get hot, so you’ll want to wear breathable, light clothing. Last but not least, make sure you’re not playing bubble ball while wearing any sharp jewelry. You and the ball could get hurt if you wear sharp jewelry.

7. Play a variety of games

Make careful you switch things up when playing bubble ball games, whether it’s regular bubble soccer or another type. When you are inside an inflatable ball, there are countless opportunities for entertaining games. Play sumo wrestling, tag, sharks and minnows, or capture the flag. Or create a new game!

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