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How to Write a Dissertation on the Russo-Ukrainian conflict

If you’re looking for dissertation topics, you’ve come to the right place. There are several aspects to look at: the causes of the conflict, the main arguments, the impact on international relations, and more. Below are some tips to help you write a compelling dissertation on the Russo-Ukrainian competition. While these are just a few, they provide the essential framework for your work.

Essay topics

A good way to start writing a paper on the Russo-Ukraine conflict is to start with the events that caused this war. There have been many other conflicts between Russia and Ukraine throughout history. However, the last major invasion occurred in 2022. This war was not about Russia taking over Ukraine but the West waging war against Russia.

The present war has united the Ukrainian people and reinforced the split between Russian and Ukrainian identities. Ultimately, the war has exacerbated the division between the two nations, but this doesn’t mean that the Russians aren’t trying to conquer their neighbor country. However, Russia will not likely establish lasting control over the country. Therefore, before beginning your essay, you must know what factors are involve in the conflict.

Main arguments

Considering the reasons behind Russia’s actions, we can see that the war is a disaster for Russia. It has caused the loss of thousands of lives, caused international isolation, and serious economic damage. But if we consider the consequences of NATO’s re-enlistment, it is a different story. NATO has recently re-energized and is welcoming Finland and Sweden. Perhaps it will decide to permanently station alliance forces in the Baltic states. And despite its military defeats, hatred for Russia will endure for decades.

The war in Ukraine is one of the most important political events of our time. Yet the Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine was ill-timed and out of proportion to its strategic interests. In addition to annexing Crimea, Russia has intervened in the Donbas conflict by arming pro-Russian rebels in the region. This dissertation aims to understand Russia’s role in the competition and its role in sustaining it. As such, it takes the form of a case study that analyses the actions of Russian forces in Ukraine. Throughout the dissertation, the author uses primary and secondary sources to support his points.

Analysis of key events

The main conflict in the Russo-Ukraine conflict is arguably the most important and longest battle fought in Europe since World War II. While the Battle of the Donbas commands the world’s attention, the ultimate outcome of the conflict will probably be decided hundreds of miles to the south. Few people anticipated such a lengthy campaign. The Kremlin had hoped to secure a swift and comprehensive victory over Ukraine and return it to its orbit.

Russia’s aims in this conflict include the destruction of Ukraine’s statehood, nation, and culture, undermining NATO and the EU, and altering European security architecture. While Russia has failed to achieve all its stated objectives, it has still incurred significant losses in troops and materiel. Despite this failure, even apolitical Ukrainians have fought back against the Russian invasion. While the rumor of a flood of collaborators in Kherson was unfounded, Russia may succeed in this conflict.

Impact on international relations

Despite the negative impacts of the conflict on Ukraine, the EU has failed to anticipate Russia’s reaction to its expansion in Eurasia. Critics have accused the EU of assuming that enlargement was not a problem and ignoring geo-economic consequences. By encroaching on Russia’s territory, it has weakened its position and undermined its long-term goal of establishing a Eurasian Union.

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Russia’s policy on Ukraine is a complicated question. While it seems to have been limited to eastern Ukraine, it has erupted into a military struggle over the Donbas region, which controls global shipping. This conflict has prompted Russian attacks and efforts to turn parts of Ukraine into areas of Russia. In fact, the U.S., EU, and NATO have stepped in with more assistance than they initially planned.

Analysis of Ukrainian foreign policy

Ukraine must focus on regaining critical terrain in the current conflict rather than defending its lost ground. In the end, it will not be the control of the land that will determine the outcome of the war but rather the conditions for the conflict. The Ukrainian foreign policy must consider this, and the West must continue to provide Ukrainians with Defense and ratchet up sanctions against Russia, which will inevitably affect the Russian economy.

In May, the Russians targeted a fertilizer production plant in Sever odonetsk, a strategic economic resource for the city. Meanwhile, the Russian-occupied town of Mariupol had its Azovstal Steel Plant, a key industrial resource that could have been economically exploited by the Russian occupiers. Despite these setbacks, the Russians have continued to undermine these areas’ economic viability and control of Mariupol.

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