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How was my Umrah trip experience in winter?

Visits to Mecca and Medina are among the most remaking and refreshing things you can do for your body, mind, and soul. Being close to these Holy cities gives you a surreal feeling unlike any other.  In this article. In this article, I want to share the whole experience that I had on cold days in Mecca and Medina. Read the whole explanation “How was my Umrah trip experience in winter?” so that I can share the information that I had. This will help you with some logistics in the future.

My entire Umrah involvement in winter was memorable and fulfilling. For me, it has always been an amazing journey. I always had a dream of doing it. My desire to perform it came true when I received my Umrah package in winter. The activities of performing prayers in the Holy mosques and learning about the past of our religion were very blissful. I have always loved to travel. If the travel is for pilgrimage, then it’s a great blessing from God.

How did I get ready for Umrah?

It was a cold night in winter when I was browsing some Islamic topics regarding Umrah. I read many blogs and website content in respect of the lesser pilgrimage. Many of these articles included Umrah packages. And these topics ultimately made me book my Package. Then I contact the concerned company and an agent pick up my call. He told me everything about the procedure to do it.

I was advised by the agent to provide all the details about it. I just sent all the information to him, then I get my Umrah visa. After receiving the visa, I experienced a level of excitement that is unspeakable. My Uncle was also with me on this avrupa yakası escort journey. Along with a few necessary items, I brought printed copies of all my documents (passport, travel and hotel vouchers, etc.)

Soon after, I performed the first step of Umrah

As you all know that the first step of Umrah is entering the state of Ihram. I watched numerous videos and articles to learn the entire performance process. Also, you can take the Umrah guide in your package. My agent gave me the choice between the airlines: direct and indirect. He told me that Saudi and British airlines are the only two direct flights.

After choosing an airline, I travel according to the mentioned dates. On my flight, I enter the state of Ihram. Then my flight landed at Jeddah airport. As, I had reserved my private transport, but only for use in travelling to Ziyarats locations. So, I had to go in a local taxi to my hotel in Mecca. From Jeddah to Mecca there is a distance of 1 and half hours as I did. There are five Miqats available for travellers arriving from various parts of the world. Muslims can wear their Ihram any Miqat they want, but they are not permitted to cross Miqat without wearing Ihram.

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Then I performed my second step of Umrah

It was already nine o’clock and the night was very cold for winter in Mecca. I fell asleep for a while in my hotel room due to the journey. I dreamed that I was standing by myself in front of the Kaaba. Likewise, I abruptly woke up and went to the Masjid-al-Haram.

After the next 20 minutes, I began to start the Tawaf ritual. As you know, Tawaf is circling seven rounds around the Kaaba in the anti-clockwise direction. So, I completed it in about 30 minutes. There were no crowds in Masjid-al-Haram, as on normal days. But the floor was very cold, so I wear shoes which are free from ankle bones, as it’s the restriction of Ihram state. After that, I prayed for two Rakats in Maqam-e-Ibrahim. According to a well-known belief, the prayers you offer at the Kaaba are accepted. I was lucky that I did it. Later on, I touch and also kiss the Black Stone.

After that, I performed the remaining two rituals of Umrah

Next, I performed the Sa’i ritual, which is an important part of Umrah. Sa’i is the act of walking or running between two hills, Safa and Marwah. I finished my Sa’i ritual in the very next half hour due to the lack of people. This act was very fast. Then I began looking for a barbershop where I could get my hair cut. There were many shops in Mecca around Masjid-al-Haram. Soon I take the full shaving of hair from a shop because it is compulsory and the last part of a minor pilgrimage. The ritual is also known as Halq, its alternative is Taqsir which is mandatory for women.

If I include all of my time for Umrah, it only becomes 3 to 4 hours. Then I took a taxi from Masjid-al-Haram to get my reserved hotel. After reaching the hotel, I make up my mind to perform the second Umrah journey for my grandmother. On the next day, I visit my ziyarats places which were added to the package. It takes me seven days to visit all the places. Ziyarats are the holy places which you can visit in your Umrah or Hajj journey.


My whole Umrah trip in the cold season was very enduring. It was the biggest blessing of God to me. Hence, I can say that winter is a good time to perform Umrah. But I want to give some suggestions to you people. Never participate in a discussion or unusual activity because the penalty of the country is very strict. You can travel to the entire nation on a tourist visa and visit popular winter destinations. Saudi Arabia falls into the cold season in December and January. So I suggest you book your December or January Umrah Packages. There are many places in the country where you can experience snowfall. Furthermore, you should be aware of Saudi’s rules made for tourists. The Saudis will be hospitable if you treat them with a little respect. During Umrah, you can’t share a room with a non-mahram.

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