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India’s Top 7 Monsoon Treks for 2022


Rainstorms infuse these mountains with lush vegetation, giving hikers stunning views. During the rainy season, the hills are at their brightest and most vibrant, with lush foliage and green pastures. The monsoon season is one of the few times when the hills are as stunning. The breathtaking scenery of the magnificent monsoon Himalayan climbs will enchant you. However, you must be aware of where to go.


The top 7 monsoon treks in India are listed here.


 1.Beas Kund, Himachal Pradesh campsite:


 Beas Kund, Himachal Pradesh campsite at beas kund trek, moderate difficulty, 13,750 ft., approximately 8 days.


This site is near to Manali and has long been a favourite of hikers because you can trek up close. Grand peaks like Friendship Peak, Hanuman Tibba, Shitidhar, and Seven Sisters would generally be found in your vicinity. Although the monsoon season may make this journey a little challenging, you will undoubtedly love the sights. Additionally, it would be a short walk that wouldn’t be too challenging.


Approximately 4 days

Moderate difficulty, 12,770 feet in elevation


2.Harishchandragad Trek 


 Harishchandragad Trek in Maharashtra through lush, western ghats mountains with a cloudy sky above and fog below the mountain peak


Ever considered travelling to the stunning Western Ghats? However, you shouldn’t presume that hiking in the Western Ghats is simple. due to the challenging nature of the Harishchandraghat trek’s “Cobra’s Hood” section. One of India’s most challenging monsoon treks is this one. However, it is said that the best flavour comes from cracking tough nuts, thus this is the place. You would be enthralled by the valley’s and the Konkan Khada’s photographic splendour here.


 The legend holds that when the fourth pillar breaks, the earth will end. You can explore the Stone Age caves (Kedareshwara caves) with their three broken pillars. It’s because the monsoon season brings breathtaking scenery to this area. You would experience calm and relaxation while exploring the caves in the rain.


3. Days Valley Of Flowers:

Uttarakhand, Moderate Difficulty: 4690 ft.

Wild flowers are growing in a valley, and in the distance, there is fog.


Due to its incredible beauty, which has earned it a spot among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this location is currently at the top of my list of monsoon hikes. The valley is enchanted by the monsoon rains, which cover it in a vibrant blanket of flowers and create a stunning panorama. The gorgeous weather is a welcome addition to the varied landscape. There are usually bright butterflies, birds, and creatures like musk deer around.


Approximately 6 Days

Easy Difficulty

15.200 ft in altitude


 4. Sinhagad Trek in Pune


The light beams on the green despite the rainy season’s dark sky.Ghat Mountains in the west. Want to go hiking nearby Pune? The hill castle of Sinhagad offers wonderful hiking opportunities and an ideal picnic location. This fort offers stunning views of the sunrise and sunset that are worth photographing. It also blows you away with beautiful hills and mountains. This location would become even more attractive during the monsoon season, adding to the sights of lush greenery. The scary thunder sounds emanating from the royal fortress give off a ghostly Qila vibe as well.


Length: 2 Days

Moderate difficulty

4304 ft above sea level. 


5. Kashmir Great Lakes, Kashmir, and

Great lakes clustered

t the base of hills in the Himalayan region during the monsoon season, with grey clouds circling overheadAlthough Kashmir is typically thought of as an extremely frigid region, it actually conceals a far more stunning secret. Seven alpine lakes, no less, can be seen during the Kashmir Great Lakes trip. The fact that each lake has a unique beauty to discuss is the nicest feature.. When you only see green fields adorned with vibrant flowers all around you during the rainy season, this vacation will be much more unforgettable. Its freshness overpowers you.


 6. Hampta Pass, Himachal Pradesh

Supin River meanders through the valley between enormous mountains covered in lush grass, with the valley’s back filled with grey fog.


The Hampta Pass Trip is renowned for the alluring splendour of the rocky mountains during the monsoon months, making it the perfect trek for both experienced and beginning hikers. You would encounter both lush green and desolate surroundings on this walk. Pine forests, apple trees, streams, and waterfalls could be found throughout Kullu, but as soon as you cross it, the landscape changes to arid, stark browns and greys, with bare walkways and steep rock cliffs. Additionally, you would see the stunning Chandratal Lake’s crystal-clear, blue water.


 Although rainy season trekking might be a little challenging, you would get to witness the best natural colours in this stunning location.

Approximately 5 Days

Activities to do in Manali 


7. Pin Parvati Trek in Himachal Pradesh:

with clouds hovering over the snow-covered mountains and a bright sky in the distance.


This is another way to get to the breathtaking Spiti Valley (Jibi). It is sometimes referred to as the “Valley of Gods” since Pin Parvati is one of the oldest treks in the Himalayas. Trekkers can enjoy breathtaking views in this valley. It’s ideal for seasonal hikers who are going through the Great Himalayan National Park’s forests. The greatest time to visit this valley is during the monsoon season when the water will be rushing at full force and you will always be surrounded by greenery and the sound of birds chirping.


Approximately 11 days

A difficult task.

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