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Introduction To Optical Center Design

Optical Center

We see that the aim composes of several lands. Including a negative doublet, to plan a convex lens butter soften aperture. The question is: why do we need all these elements? Why can we use the single nuts and the answer is because of Optical Center aberration? Let’s first start with spherical aberration: take your eye power lens. Such as this one and send some retreat. We see that a ray entering the center of the lens does not intersect at the same point. As a real entering at the edge of balance. You place an aperture in front of the lens to limit the angle between the Rays and the surface. How do you split the power of the lens by using two lenses instead of one lens?

Lens Types

A bias smaller amount leads to a new spherical aberration. You can also play with the geometry of dots away: learn a convex lens, the Llano convex flip. The other way around become the Klan’s so. Called best Problems and positive meniscus lens. And all these are also available from negative lens power as well. Remember that if you want to reduce very collaboration. You have to play with the geometry of the system, such as always having the smallest angle. Between a race and the land surface, another type of aberration is come on. Let’s take our previous lens back. I would also put an aperture in front of the lens. We know what happens for the on-axis races, but let’s see what happens for off-axis objects. Once again, we see that the Rays entering the lens at the center do not focus at the same position. As the lens enters at the pitch. But this time the effect is not along the optical axis but on the lateral axis.

Symmetric System

This results in a bro ring that is, the shape of a comet, and the name come aberration. That was a beautiful story, but, let’s see-oh, to reduce collaboration. To illustrate this, I will take a one-to-one heyday imaging system. Let’s say we won these bunch of rectifiers on the axis. There are several aperture positions that will do the job. We can place the aperture here or here, for instance, if you draw the off-axis rates for the first position. You will end up with a lot of commas, but if you take the second solution, you get no calm at all. This is a very nice property of the symmetric system. And you should always remember that there is a place in your setup. Where the aperture will limit a comma to the smallest. Fill curvature is another important source of aberration in optical systems. I will restate that, with this nice setup that has a little circle and comma. But plenty of literature checks what happens when we go from our own axis rays to accessories.

You see that the input plane focuses along a circle, but wait. Our camera is not a circle, but a plane As a consequence. Only the point in the center of the image will be sharp and only the point close to the border of the sensor will be blood. This is the effect of field curvature and it happens. When you do not Band of positive and negative elements pops up in your optical system.

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