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Linus Tech Tips – Save Up to 82% on a 2-Year PIA Plan

Before starting his own YouTube channel, Linus Sebastian worked at NCIX, formerly known as Netlink Computer Inc., which sells computers. He worked hard and impressed his supervisors, who subsequently promoted him to technology video channel manager. In 2008, he began Linus Tech Tips, a series of technology-related tutorial videos. Although it started as a side project for NCIX, Linus did not immediately pursue it as a full-time career.

Linus Sebastian

A Canadian YouTube personality, Linus Sebastian is the host of the YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips. He is the founder and CEO of Linus Media Group. He lives in Toronto, Canada. His video tutorials on computer repair and technology are extremely popular. His technical knowledge has led to several jobs and a lucrative YouTube career. To keep up with his ever-changing technology, Linus writes and films his own tutorials.

Linus Sebastian was born in British Columbia, Canada. He lives with his wife, Yvonne Ho. They have three children and two Bengal cats. Their home is spacious enough for all of Sebastian’s technology. Linus Sebastian has a net worth of $2.2 million as of 2020. In 2013, he was a part of a four-part series on how to buy a gaming PC. He is also married to Yvonne Ho, the chief financial officer at Linus Media Group.

In 2010, Sebastian was working for NCIX, a company that sells computers and other technology. While working for NCIX, he developed his skills and impressed the company’s supervisors. He was eventually promoted to technology video channel manager. Linus Sebastian then decided to create his own YouTube channel, Linus Tech Tips. Although it began modestly, the channel’s subscriber base now exceeds 19 million! However, Sebastian did not immediately pursue YouTube as a full-time career.

YouTube Channel Linus

The YouTube channel Linus Sebastian runs is renowned for technology videos. He has four channels, one of which, Linus Tech Tips, has over 14.5 million subscribers. This makes it the most watched tech channel on YouTube. He also posts videos of his family and his Bengal cats. It’s a popular place to watch video tutorials, and the content on his channel is highly informative and useful to many people. This is also one of the main ways Linus Sebastian earns money.

Linus Sebastian’s net worth consists of the earnings from his videos. His YouTube channel earns over $5 million every year, from ad revenue, video sponsors, affiliate marketing, and merchandising sales. Sebastian’s net worth is estimated at $50 million. Known as a tech guru, he has a YouTube following of over 20 million. The internet has allowed him to build a profitable business from his passion for technology.

His YouTube channel

If you’re looking for a Canadian YouTube personality, you’ve come to the right place. Linus Gabriel Sebastian is the host of Linus Tech Tips on YouTube, a technology-focused show that aims to educate the general public on the latest trends and technologies. He also serves as the CEO of Linus Media Group, the company he founded in 2013.

Before creating Linus Tech Tips, Sebastian was a full-time sales representative and systems designer at NCIX, a company that sells computers. His work impressed NCIX’s management, and he eventually was promoted to a manager position. Linus Tech Tips, which he started in 2008, was initially just an offshoot of NCIX. The channel’s modest beginnings were the result of his day job, where he worked to educate the public about technology. In 2013, he left NCIX and focused on his channel.

The Wan Show

Along with running Linus Tech Tips, Sebastian also runs a podcast called The Wan Show. This podcast covers tech news and is available on most podcast streaming services. Although Sebastian is currently focusing more on his own YouTube channels, he is also expanding his company into content creation. Along with his wife Yvonne Ho, Linus is also the CEO of Linus Media Group, which includes the YouTube channel. The Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel currently has billions of views and is considered one of the most popular tech channels on YouTube.

Although Linus Sebastian is the face of a small YouTube empire, his company is actually a full-fledged company, with a staff of two dozen people. He also employs a fashion designer, a logistics expert, graphic designers, and “fit technicians.”

Although Linus Sebastian is a Canadian, he is based in British Columbia. His family was originally from British Columbia, but he attended Maple Ridge’s Garibaldi Secondary School and went to the University of British Columbia. He later dropped out of school to pursue his passion for technology. As a result, his YouTube channel now has over 14.5 million subscribers and 5.1 billion views. It has become one of the most popular tech channels in the world, and it has a dedicated following.

His podcast

This week, Linus discusses a wide range of topics, from the Xbox Series X and S to the upcoming Starlink entry into public beta. He also takes questions from viewers on the investment in Framework and other tech topics. The latest episode of Linus’ tech tips on his podcast is called “Super chats,” and the Super chats will end around 01:35:42. Those who don’t want to wait until the next episode will get to hear these tips will want to listen up!

After a rousing introduction, Linus attempts to talk about his first topic, but Luke derails his progress. In the process, he takes a long, graphic route through the beer virus controversy. Other topics include Vessi Footwear, Rotary Phones, and Rick Moranis’ return. The podcast also features a weekly movie review podcast, formerly known as Carpool Critics. If you’re an Apple fan, you can listen to the Mac Address to learn about Apple products.

Besides his YouTube channel, Linus also runs a popular tech blog. His podcast, Linus Tech Tips, boasts more than ten million subscribers. This channel was originally a secondary channel of NCIX Tech Tips, which was run by an anonymous crew. NCIX is a now-defunct tech retailer in Canada. Linus and NCIX split in 2013, but he continued to host videos under a contract until 2015.

His 2-year plan with PIA

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