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Listing Your Property? Here Are 5 Tips Before Putting Your House On The Market

One of the reasons many financial advisers recommend investing in real estate is because of its resale value. When they tell you that your house can save you during a rainy, stormy day, they’re not lying. But, selling your property should not be an option you should just take whenever something unfortunate happens financially. People sell their homes after thorough consideration and planning. 

There are many possible reasons why people decide to sell their properties. It can be either for an upgrade, moving to a different town, or extra funds. Regardless of the reason, it is undeniable how mentally and physically tiring it is to list your property in the market. Unless you decide to work with a real estate agent, you’ll have to carry the burden of ensuring everything goes well to attract as many potential buyers as possible. 

If you’re eager to sell your property immediately, it’s tempting not to work on marketing to your potential buyers. But hastily listing your property without preparing your house to welcome buyers can only push your prospects away. That’s why you must never neglect the importance of preparation as a property seller. 

If you’ve been planning to list your property, here are five tips to help you before putting your house on the market. 


1 – Decide whether to rent a property and empty the house for listing or stay until you find a sure buyer. 

Sometimes, you’ll find house listings where the owners still live on the property. Most times, the property is already empty for a comfortable ocular for potential buyers. But, there’s no norm on whether a house should be vacant already or not when listing. After all, not everyone has the money to buy a new property immediately when moving. 

And so, before you list your house on the market, you must decide whether to empty the house or not. Funnily, both options come with pros and cons. When you clear the house, you can present the property better to your buyers. But the con is that you’ll need a space where you can move in immediately.

On the other hand, when you decide to stay in the house you’re listing, you get to save. But, you’re risking your privacy by allowing strangers to enter and look around your property. So before you list your property, make sure to consider this point. This first point could determine how your selling journey would end. 


2 – If staying on the property, it would be best to depersonalise the house. 

People say, “your surrounding is an extension of who you are.” Indeed, that quote is one of the reasons homeowners love to personalise and style their homes uniquely. If you decide to stay on your property while looking for a potential buyer, it would be better to depersonalise the house. 

Why? So your potential buyers can easily visualise how the property would look with their preferences and styling. It would be hard for your buyers to envision how they can personalise the property if the furniture that you find sentimental surrounds the house. Help yourself appeal to your buyers by helping them see how they can beautify the property the way they want. 

On the other hand, if you decide to move out while listing your property, I suggest repainting the property. If you have striking wall paint and wallpapers in the house, it would be best to remove them for depersonalising. 


3 – Consider repairing the areas of the house that need it. 

One attitude some property sellers have is to opt for selling the house exactly in the condition of how they left it. They believe it’s useless to spend dollars on repairing and beautifying the home when the new owner can fix it the way they want to. They do have a point on this. However, listing a property that obviously needs a lot of repairs is one way to push away your prospects.

With that, you must consider repairing the areas of your property that need it. It may cause you to spend more money, but it can help you secure a sure buyer in no time. You can also just add the expenses you’ll be using on the selling price of your property. That way, you wouldn’t have to shoulder the additional costs. 


4 – Consider having it professionally cleaned to make a good impression on your ocular visits.

If you’re scouting for a new home to buy, would you find it appealing to look around a messy property? If you’re to ask me, there’s nothing I would want more than to leave the space immediately. Unfortunately, no matter how beautiful the property’s architecture is, people can turn it down if it is messy. 

Like when meeting someone for the first time, you should aim to make a good impression on your property. Also, if the house is vacant already, it will be easier for potential buyers to spot areas that seem off and unhygienic. So to make sure that your potential buyers’ ocular will go smoothly, I recommend having the property cleaned professionally.

That way, your property will look at its best whenever a new ocular happens. Here’s a tip. Clean the property after every ocular. I’m not saying to hire professional cleaners every time a foot steps on the property. Instead, make it a habit to dust off and mop the floors and surfaces, so it’s easier to maintain the work of the professional cleaners who cleaned your house. 


5 – If you don’t have time to spare in selling the property, consider working with a real estate agent.

Last but not least is to consider working with a real estate agent. Realistically, not all of us have the time to spare, especially if we have a full-time job. And so, if you know that you can’t fully commit to marketing and entertaining your potential buyers, it would be best to work with a real estate agent instead. 

Working with a real estate agent will put you and your property at a great advantage. With their help, you can be confident that a great deal will happen in a short time. Their expertise, skills, and experience will help you market your property and showcase its best edges. 

So if you don’t have the time to do it all, I suggest looking for a real estate agent who can do the magic for you.



Stepping your best foot forward is a smart strategy when listing your property on the market.

Hopefully, the five tips I shared will help you secure your property to a sure buyer in no time. Whenever you feel like leaving your property the way it is now, here’s a reminder. You can only sell your property by ensuring it is in its best condition. So, step your best foot forward to secure a sure buyer and get the best value you believe your property deserves. 


About the author: 

Bianca Banda is a writer for Bennett Property, one of the largest and most successful real estate agencies offering a full range of property services, including sales, leasing and development. 


Bianca Banda

Bianca Banda is an ardent writer, aiming to share helpful information and ideas effectively and engagingly.

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