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Looking for the Best Abbotsford Temp Agency? Look No Further!

You’ve just moved to Abbotsford and need to work, but you don’t want to commit to a job just yet, and you need some flexibility in your working schedule while you explore the city and decide where you’ll be settling down. The question then becomes how to find the right temp agency that can help you with short-term jobs, as well as some long-term opportunities that could lead to something full-time or even permanent. Don’t fret!

What is a temp agency?

A temporary employment agency is a company that finds work for workers on a temporary basis. This kind of agency is often used by companies that need workers during busy times or to fill vacancies when people leave. Hiring through an Abbotsford temp agency provides businesses with extra flexibility and can also help employees to gain valuable experience while they’re looking for permanent employment.

The benefits of working through an agency

There are a lot of advantages to working through an agency, even if you’re not just starting out. For example, not every business is hiring right now, so it’s best to take any job you can get. Through an agency, you can search for available positions 24/7 and get contacted by potential employers ASAP. Plus, agencies will help you with your resume and prep you for interviews—and once you land that first gig, they’ll make sure your new employer takes care of all your employment paperwork (taxes, benefits, etc.). It really doesn’t get much easier than that.

How to get the most from a placement at a temporary staffing company

For anyone who’s never worked in Abbotsford temp agency, it can be a little confusing at first. Not only do you have to get familiar with a new workplace, but you also have to get used to new coworkers. If you want to make sure you make a good impression on your employer and your boss, here are some pointers that can help get your temp agency experience off to a good start.

Tips for Getting the Most from a Placement at a Temporary Staffing Company

Dress like you mean business – A big part of making a great first impression is showing up looking professional and ready to work. While dressing professionally doesn’t necessarily mean wearing expensive clothes, it does require choosing clothes appropriate for your job – not just what looks good.

Tips for getting hired by different types of companies through staffing agencies

When looking at a temp agency, keep in mind that they will try to get you hired by specific companies. There are three major types of staffing agency in Surrey firms: job shop, project-specific, and staff leasing. Job shops work with multiple clients and hire people on a short-term basis, so it’s not uncommon for workers to change jobs every day or week. Job shops usually pay an hourly wage or salary but can also offer commission structures and bonuses.

The importance of networking with colleagues in similar industries when working through a staffing company

Employers and employees alike can benefit from networking with other people in similar industries. Since staffing agencies draw from a variety of clients, it can be difficult to network effectively with your peers. When temping through an employment agency Abbotsford, BC, however, you can surround yourself with professionals who know your industry well. Don’t miss out on chances to learn from your peers!

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