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Mango Hot Sauce: Simplest Recipe For A Spiciest Evening!

Most sauces are indeed meant to enhance the flavor of the dish. Or they are present as a great additive to a bland meal. Either way, it comes to how well you prepare the sauce and what remains the ideal way to serve it. With mango hot sauce, the hotness comes from the habanero spices. These spices are hot, strong, stiff, and may cause you to sweat. The addition of mango to them is mostly for keeping the flavors eatable and to keep the sauce neutral.

The Truth

Mango sauces often come with a sour taste. Mango itself is sweet but when you team it with another ingredient, it loses the natural taste it carries. For a hot sauce, one ingredient has to be stronger, sour, and stiff likewise. With a hot sauce, the purpose is to reinvigorate the taste buds. The hot sauce we have in mind involves habanero spices, easily customizable to ensure you gain the perfect taste. Moreover, the ingredients remain simple, and cooking is surprisingly easy and amazing.

Ingredients for Mango Hot Sauce

Ingredients for the habanero hot sauce signifying mangoes remain straightforward. And here we will be highlighting what each of them brings to your dish.


· Habanero Chilies

These chilies will bring life and taste to your sauce. Without it, you may call your sauce just a mango sauce. These chilies have to offer that striking flavor!

· Mangoes

Sweet mangoes will perfectly bond with the dish. Different regions have their specific mango production. Try for the one with the least fibers but good sweetness in the taste.

· Carrots

The purpose of carrots within this sauce is stiffness. A sauce cannot be too flowy or thin. It must be runny but thick likewise. And carrot does it perfectly for this sauce.

· Onions and Garlic

Both of these ingredients are known for strong flavors. Thus, adding them to your hot sauce will enhance the sour taste and improve the neutrality of the hot sauce likewise.

· Lime Juice

With habanero chilies, you will find hotness in your sauce. But extreme hotness becomes undesirable for many. Thus, you can use lime juice to lessen the heat.

Cooking Mango Hot Sauce

Here comes the time when you will be cooking for your sauce. Before we begin, try to use either latex or rubber gloves when cooking this sauce. It is since, with habanero chilies, there comes heat naturally. And while you will be heating and steaming the ingredients, extra safety is necessary.

  1. Gently wash your habanero chilies first. Next, remove the green stem and chop the chilies.
  2. Use these chopped chilies and other ingredients, place them in a blender, and blend all of them until they become liquid.
  3. Arguably, your sauce is ready with the texture. Now place it in a saucepan and simmer it for around 15 minutes at maximum.

How to Customize the Sourness of the Sauce?

Since we mentioned earlier that this habanero mango sauce is easy to customize, it takes simple steps. Habanero chilies come with seeds. The more seeds you remove, the lesser will be the heat and sourness of the overall sauce.

If you are not really fond of the spicy mango hot sauce, you can try Dingolay Mango hot sauce that is a perfect combination of sweet and sour flavor and can make your heart go Dingolay!

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