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Moto Sport Park (Achrol): ATV Jaipur

An Overview

Jaipur that is often referred to in the form of “Pink City” is the capital city of Rajasthan state (ATV Jaipur).It was the first planned city.The person who founded the city is Jai Singh II.It is often referred to as Paris in India.C.V Raman described it as the”island of glory. Jaipur is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in India.The main attraction that visitors get from Jaipur is its old architecture, monuments and buildings as well as the forts.

In addition to sightseeing, you can engage in adventurous activities like ATV ride in Moto sport park.This adventure activity will be among the best memories of your life.


The park covers a 23-acre dunes area that is primarily focused on Moto Sports. It is around 45 kms away from the Jaipur Delhi Highway.One can be quite surprised to know that such activities are present in Jaipur.

This specialises in various adventure activities like Off Road Rides,Romantic Dinner on Dunes,Trekking,Camping,Gyptian Ride.This is a must visit place for people who love riding ATV’s , Off-Roading.So if you want some break from your monotonous job,then you can try this 5 hours adventure.Which will definitely blow your mind.


This area is divided into three parts –

  1. It is the Moto sport Park where you can firn ATV Jaipur
  2. Tamboo (It is a camping)
  3. Take it Mine(A romantic date that you have arranged for your beloved ones)


Zip Line

Timing: Every day from 11 am until 4 pm.

Minimum of 10 guests.

Cut Off: One days prior.


Nature Trek

Timing: Every day from 11 am until 6 pm.

Guest 2 guests are required.

Cut Off Time: 1 hour prior to.



This is among the most exciting adventure.This trip is a complete package that includes off road climb, village safari, down hill trek, delicious food item, visit to a heritage site and more.

Timing: Every day from 3:00 pm until 8:30 at.

Guest: 6 gustes minimum.

Cut Off: 1 day prior to.


Hot Air Ballooning:

Timing: All day long between 11:00 am and at 6:00 pm.

Guest: Minimum 6 guests.

Cut Off: One days prior.


Commando Obstacle Area:

Visitors can enjoy incredible activities such as V bridge, Commando net, Tarzan swings, Tyre hurdle, etc.

Timing: All day long from 11 am until 6:45 pm.

Guest 2 guests are required.

Cut Off Time: 1 hour before.


Off Road Ride:

It is a must-see destination for those who enjoy riding ATVs , Off-Roading.This track is a multi-surface track that offers changes.One starts with concrete which transforms into black soil and after which red soil is the very end is loose sand.

One is able to visit the track all the day long from 8:00 am to at 6:00 pm.some self-driven buggies can be found available.

  • Hammer Head 150CC: It is a 20 minutes ride on a tarmac road.This is for those who want to explore and are looking for a starting point.You need basic knowledge of driving.They have a Marshall so don’t worry.Marshall/Trainer will sit beside you to guide you while you ride.The Charge is INR 1000 Rs.


  • RZR Polarise 800CC The track is a five-kilometre off-road lap.This is larger in terms of dimension and the track is more adventurous.People who enjoy Thunder are able to go for it.This can turn you into feel like a wild animal.The cost is 2000 rupees.


  • Rage Cyclone 1000CC is a five-kilometre off-road lap.It will provide you with real thrill.This is similar to the thrill of a cyclone.Just take it up if you would like to experience thrills in your life.The cost is INR 3000 rupees.


  • Batman 1300CC: It’s an off-road 5 km lap.


  • Amazing 4×4 Ride: Thrilling 4*4 Ride: It’s also a 5km off-road lap.In the jeep, their Marshal will be driving and the guests of 6 to 7 have fun on the ride.



The amazing ride begins every morning at 3:00 pm at Amer Fort,Jaipur.It takes about five hour for it to complete.The duration is 100 km.Passing through the village gives the impression of a the village safari.From there, the ride will lead you toward Aravali mountain range.One is able to climb to the top of the mountain.After getting there, you can see the 200-year-old samadhi and a pond. It acres of land that is flat.

After the ride, the jeep will bring you to Commando. Commando challenge area.Here you will be able to participate in some things.

In the next few hours, you will arrive at an area that is the park’s basecamp. Your journey is completed.

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