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Moving forward with touchless hospitality


In current times, it is crucial to deliver outstanding guest experiences. Touchless hospitality usually uses hotel technology to accomplish this. How to persuade people that travelling is worthwhile of their time and money is the same challenge that every hotelier in the industry today is facing.

The pandemic has also highlighted the necessity of touchless interactions and hospitality. In the hotel industry, upgrading to touchless technology ensures both the security of your guests and the effective delivery of services by your staff.

The following list of hospitality technology trends addresses the expanding post-pandemic safety requirements and the corresponding changes in expected visitor behavior.

Trends In Guest-Facing Technology For Touchless Hospitality

  1. Introduction of a new AI Giving guests a personalized experience during their stay is the ultimate goal of AI in guest-facing touchless hospitality technology. The following methods can be utilised with the Hotelogix PMS to achieve this:
  • gathering and studying visitor information.
  • creating more individualized packages and offers by mapping and identifying user preferences.
  • The entire guest cycle can be flexible and customized.
  1. Mobile check-in and check-out:

Skip the lengthy lines at the front desk. Hoteliers can easily set up their operations and procedures thanks to a mobile PMS. This enables visitors to check in and out using their smartphone directly. Despite an increase in leisure travel, social distance and safety precautions remain crucial deciding factors.

  1. Contactless Payments:

Contactless payments not only reduce customer interactions with service providers but also support other touchless hospitality trends like contactless check-in and check-out. When choosing online methods of payment, hoteliers can be sure of additional security against cancellation. You can integrate your online payments across numerous channels, including Web Booking Engine, Front Desk, and POS outlets, if you have a PMS. Full-service hospitality from Hotelogix alternatives take it one step step further and enable hassle-free integration of your existing third-party applications.

  1. Service Automation:

Automating tedious tasks makes hotel operations simpler and relies less on staff, which helps to lower costs. The workload associated with sending confirmation emails, updating housekeeping status, conducting night audits, etc. is lessened by technology thanks to Hotelogix’s cloud-based property management system. By managing room inventory automatically and optimising room pricing with the right PMS, you can also increase your profits.

  1. Simple Market Distribution:

Online reservations are made for hotels in 80% of cases. To access this resource, your hotel must be outfitted with the most cutting-edge touchless technology available. A flexible, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly web and Facebook booking engine will increase the number of commission-free reservations. Utilizing an integrated best-in-class channel, effectively manage hotel inventory, room rates, and bookings across multiple OTAs.

Trends in Lobby Technology for Touchless Hospitality

In the hospitality sector, touchless technology benefits both your staff and your customers.

  1. Remote Work via Cloud:

Social restrictions brought on by the coronavirus mean that remote work will soon become the norm in order to protect workers’ safety and stop the virus from spreading. Work from anywhere, at any time, and on any device thanks to cloud computing. To benefit from accessibility that is available around-the-clock, all you need is a Hotelogix account and a smart device with internet access.


  1. Wireless mobile devices for employees:

Touchless hospitality also gives your employees more mobility. A conventional desktop-based PMS confines staff to the front desk when they could be elsewhere attending to guests’ needs.  With the Hotelogix mobile hotel management system, you can manage multiple POS outlets from a single dashboard, speed up front desk and housekeeping operations, and forecast trends using a wide range of modular solutions from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.


  1. Personal Digital Funding and Mentoring for touchless hospitality:

In order to facilitate touchless hospitality, automated training, virtual certification, and contactless support are crucial.  Additionally, our support staff is available around-the-clock to assist you in managing your company without endangering the bio-bubble.


  1. Contactless Interdepartmental Communication:

 Streamline hotel operations by enabling seamless departmental communication, managing and allocating tasks from a single dashboard, and real-time work synchronisation across all hotel departments. Increase your non-room revenue by effectively managing numerous points of sale from a single dashboard.


  1. Computer security in hospitality:

One of the main worries that most visitors will have is the security of their personal information, especially as hotel operations move online and touchless technology in hospitality becomes standard. Because it is a cloud-based PMS, Hotelogix PMS offers its users the highest level of security. Additionally, all guest data complies with GDPR. Users can be confident that no information is accessed without a thorough audit trail that can be used to hold staff members accountable.


Additionally, you can forecast trends and securely gather data with Hotelogix’s PMS to gain insights into shifting guest preferences and behavior. To survive the new normal, make wise, data-driven decisions and establish new benchmarks. Go touchless with Hotelier and improve your services to better meet the needs of prospective visitors.

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