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Not a bird or Plan its kamshet paragliding


Paragliding is a world-famous tour. You get to feel flying in your green way, explore the sky with your naked eyes, and be amazed at the underworld. In Maharashtra, Kamshet is one place where you can try this game in an amazing way.


Located in the Maharashtra region of the beautiful Western Ghats – Kamshet is a charming and picturesque hill station adorned with the charm of the valleys and the Sahyadri Ranges. The Kamshet area is blessed with numerous Buddhist caves containing statues of King Buddha that testify to the region’s heritage. Apart from this, Kamshet is also known as one of the best recreational areas in our country and is famous for activities such as paragliding. A huge influx of adventure seekers every year came to enjoy paragliding in Kamshet and control the clear blue sky. Let’s see the best places to try this free Kamshet adventure game on your trip.


Best Time for Paragliding in Kamshet


The best time to visit Kamshet for paragliding begins just after the end of the monsoon and the controversy and season of kite flying. The best time for paragliding here is from October to May as June to September is the monsoon season and October to February has the hottest winters. So plan your trip accordingly.


How to reach Kamshet


There are different ways to get to Kamshet. Pune and Mumbai are the two nearby stations. While traveling from these cities, taking a road trip is possible but without the alternate routes listed below.


By plane: Passengers may depart from Pune Airport, the nearest airport from Kamshet. It is located about 35 km away, from here one can take a taxi, train or bus to Kamshet.


By road: Kamshet is well connected with major cities by road. Buses and regular private and public transport buses travel from time to time.


By train: There are many trains connecting the Kamshet region and traveling from all over India. The nearest train is located in Lonavala which is the heart of Kamshet. To get to Kamshet from the station, one can rent a taxi and enjoy driving 17 kilometers through the lush green.


Paragliding at Kamshet Price:


Depending on your experience (and the level of adrenaline rush you want to hear), you can choose from the following paragliding packages:


For beginners who just want to enjoy the flight without the stress of controlling the wing (your guide to take care of it), there is the “Joy Tandem” package. Available for about 2,500 INR.

Flight time: 8-10 minutes


If you like to control the plane yourself, you can go to the “Instructional Tandem” package. Your guide will accompany you and give you navigation instructions. This package costs approximately INR 3500-INR 4000.

Flight time: 10-15 minutes


If you want to experience your adrenaline levels reach your peak, then the “Acro Tandem” package is just for you. Your pilot will take you to higher altitudes and perform acrobatic movements such as rotating or wing-over. What to try daredevils who want to sacrifice. Prices for this package range from INR 5000 to INR 7000.

Flight time: 15-20 minutes


Your flight time depends on your weight and air pressure that day. You can paraglide to a height of 2000 feet, and there is a weight limit of up to 100-120 kg (it is a good idea to get the conditions confirmed by your operator). Overall, the price of paragliding in Kamshet is much lower than in other paragliding areas in the country.


Paragliding Itenary:-


  • Enjoy a two-seater airplane with an experienced pilot
  • You need to wear a T-shirt, shorts, track pants or Jeans (No saree / skirt), shoes (please avoid chappals) and a cap. You also need to carry sunscreens, glares, snacks and water bottles, and a camera to take pictures!
  • Patients with heart disease and epilepsy are not allowed to fly.
  • Note that paragliding is an air-based game and there is a chance of being rescheduled for a last minute or cancellation, which is beyond our control.
  • If you have motion sickness, avoid eating 2 hours before your flight.
  • The minimum body weight is 95 kgs. For people over 95 kgs in weight, their flight will be determined locally depending on the current weather conditions. Children over 6 years of age are allowed to fly. For children, we need extra care while flying. Children’s expenses will be the same as those mentioned above.
  • Participants who appear to be intoxicated may be denied service. There will be no refund for this case.


Can you record your experience of Kamshet paragliding?


Absolutely! Who would not want to take a photo of you with the sky and mountains like in the background? For an additional cost of about INR 500, you can take GoPro and photograph every part of your aircraft.


Paragliding in Kamshet is an enjoyable experience. With easily accessible location, reasonable prices, and well-trained guides, Kamshet makes the perfect weekend trip.

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