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Pear Deck Review| What are the benefits of using Pear Deck?

If you are looking for an educational technology company to help teachers and students improve their classrooms, consider Pear Deck. The Iowa City, Iowa-based startup was founded in 2014 and has recently raised $500,000 in seed funding. In the past year, it has made some significant improvements in its platform. Read on to learn more about this educational technology company and how it works. Also, keep an eye out for the company’s future. Here are a few things to consider before you decide to purchase its product.


Pear Deck allows teachers to add interactive questions and formative assessments to their Google Slides. Pear Deck’s add-on for Google Slides gives you more graphic control. It also offers a variety of formative assessment templates and personalization options. Pear Deck is available free for educators to use, but paid accounts are available for those who want to have more features. You can download the app from the Office Store for Windows, Mac, or Linux.


Teachers can use Pear Deck to share student responses with the entire class. Teachers can also highlight specific responses and toggle between them. All student responses are anonymous. Peardeck also allows teachers to backtrack through previous slides and include impromptu questions. Teachers can create interactive decks using the app from a computer or tablet. Students can also use it in community forums. Using Peardeck is easy and free! This educational tool has become a favorite among educators.


While Pear Deck requires a substantial amount of time to learn, it will help you save your work and reuse it for future teaching. Its user-friendly interface will make it easy for students who are familiar with computers to participate in the lesson. Students sign in using an email or join code. However, younger students may need additional assistance to get started with the program. Peardeck is compatible with Chromebooks, Macs, PCs, iPads, and Android devices. But, you cannot edit it on mobile devices.


Pear Deck works with interactive whiteboards and traditional projectors. Teachers can design a presentation that engages students and helps them understand concepts. Pear Deck’s features include instant feedback, session review capabilities, and anonymous student responses. Teachers can monitor student progress by analyzing student engagement, comprehension, and lesson efficacy. Teachers can also access useful resources and tutorials on its website. For teachers who want to integrate the platform into their teaching methods, Pear Deck can work with a traditional projector or an interactive whiteboard.

Google Slides Account

Pear Deck also allows teachers to make slide show style presentations. Its Google Slides account lets teachers choose from a large number of templates. It also has a free response question feature, which is especially useful when creating a drawing activity. In addition to these, Pear Deck allows teachers to incorporate drawing questions. This feature will enable students to demonstrate their creativity and make their presentations more engaging. It is great for differentiated teaching, flipped classrooms, and remote learning scenarios.


The company behind Pear Deck is an educator and has developed its software to help teachers create engaging classrooms and remote classes. With its unique features, students can create interactive mind maps, outline information, and draw connections and conclusions. It even tracks their participation in real-time. And a teacher can monitor student engagement by reviewing the session dashboard. Its premium plan offers the features of a virtual classroom and school district licensing. You may want to take a look at its free trial before committing to a subscription.


The Pear Deck platform is a cloud-based student engagement platform for educators. It helps schools create customized courses, manage formative assessments, and monitor participation in real time. It allows teachers to create customized lessons and use the Instructor-Paced Mode to display students’ answers. Students can also use anonymous participation in Pear Deck. With three different price tiers and free support via email, Pear Deck is perfect for enhancing the student experience and promoting student learning.


If you are looking for a new way to hold meetings online, try Pear Deck. It’s easy to use and allows you to easily share your content. It requires JavaScript for it to function. It’s not the best solution for everyone, but it does have its benefits. It can help you improve your teamwork by creating effective meeting tools and fostering teamwork. So, check it out today and see how it can help your business.

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