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Pin Parvati Trek: Cost & itinerary


Pin Parvati trek is an enjoyable test for anyone who has a good understanding of how to travel. It’s a lengthy procedure that offers pedestrians an abundance of experience as well as a feeling of achievement. The drive to walk across the pass of 17,500 feet is a lifetime adventure. It is a must-do. Pin Parvati Pass tour offers incredible crosses, straight from the back forest and green knolls within the Parvati Valley.

 Buddhist towns located in The Trans-Himalayan Region of Spiti. The main difference is in the squares, the people and the variety of vegetation species you’ll see. Within a couple of hours, you’ll travel through the dry deserts of the Spiti Mountain to the lush ecological ecosystem in the valley of Parvati.


This Pin Parvati trek works from the cold Spiti desert and its unique landscapes to the lush, wetland in the Parvati valley. The name does not reflect the sensation of taking a hot water bath here after a long day of walking. This trip will bring you to the heavens and keep you from going back to your hectic city life. A lot of memories will be in your memory for all time.

 Trekmunk as a Pin Parvati pass travel guide can enhance your travel experience. The price for this Pin Parvati Pass trip is around 38,500 Indian rupees, which covers all expenses for fixed departure.


The best time and season to go Pin Parvati Pass trek

Like any other high-altitude technique, this one provides two chances to increase the chances of having the best climate and clear skies.


Pre-monsoon / summer from the 3rd week in June until one month. The best time to experience it is between the 20th of June until the 20th of July. Prior to that, the possibility of snow will be higher starting from the ground, likely to be near the middle of the lake and close to Lake Mantalai and above.


Post monsoon/fall September-to-mid-October. Mid-October is frigid, particularly along the Spiti side. The risk of snowfall is higher in October.


How to get there? Pin Parvati Pass Trek Base Camp (Kasol):


In the air

The most efficient way to travel the fastest route from Delhi Bhuntar to Delhi Bhuntar involves flying between Rs 6,000 and Rs 25,000 , and it takes 2 hours 39 minutes. Bhuntar is home to an air terminal that is known as the Kullu-Manali air station. There are two flights a day departing from Delhi Bhuntar to Delhi Bhuntar. There are similar flights to cities with significant urban populations like Chennai, Mumbai, etc.


Nearby airports: Chandigarh Airport (IXC) located 139 kilometers from Bhuntar. You can travel by local bus or local taxi to Kasol which takes about one hour to take you to Kasol Market.


If you are a lover of travel, you could also take cycling trips towards Ladakh in the direction of Manali.


At 144 kilometers, the closest railroad station lies Pathankot. The major trains all travel through Pathankot including Jammu Tawi and Himsagar Express from Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, and on. It is also possible to take your train from New Delhi or even to Chandigarh and then take taxis or transport from there to Bhuntar. You can also take an express bus from your local area or taxi from the local area to Kasol which takes about approximately an hour to take you to Kasol Market.


By bus

The most affordable option to travel to get from Delhi Bhuntar to Delhi Bhuntar is to travel via Kullu which is priced between Rs750 and 1,200 and takes about 8h 28m. Transport is available from Delhi ISBT Kashmiri Gate and Bhuntar. Managers travel twice per day and work every day. The travel time is about 13 hours and 59 minutes. To get to Bhuntar via road is much easier than other forms of transport. HPSRTC (Himachal State Road Transport Corporation) provides transport from urban areas like Jaipur, Delhi, and Chandigarh and is accessible periodically without the need for management of private transport vehicles.


A short itenary from this trek: Pin Parvati pass trek:


  • Day 1: Arrive at Manali at noon – Lodge / Guest House in Vashisht (3 Km above Manali bazaar)
  • Day 2 Day 2: Drive to Barrow 110 km 4 hours – trek up to Kheer Ganga 9 Km – 5 hours
  • Day 3: Kheer Ganga – Tundabhuj- 12 Km – 6/7 hours
  • Day 4: Tundabhuj-Thakur Kuan- 6 Km – 3 hours
  • Day 5: Thakur Kuan goes to Odi Thatch, 10 km 5/6 hours
  • Day 6 Odi Thatch Mantalai 9 Km 5/6 hours
  • 7. Mantalai is expected to set-up camp along the Parvati side. It is 10km – 7/8 hours
  • Day 8 Parvati Side Camp Pin Side Base over Pin Parvati Pass 9 Km – 7/8 hours
  • Day 9: Provide an alternative base to Mud in Chinpatta Maidan- 25 Km – 9/10 hours – camp or drive to Kaza 45 km – 2 hours
  • Day 10 Day 10: Travel from Mud or Kaza to Manali 245/200 km – 12/10 hours
  • Day 11: Mandatory time off (to be utilized when necessary or as a day of routine or rest in Mantalai)

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