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Postgraduate Courses at Aston University You Should Pursue

Aston University helps postgraduate students to take charge of their future and build solid careers. Postgraduate courses at Aston university will help students get ahead and make a difference in the industry. The opportunity could be a springboard to a new career path and phase, and students must never give it a second thought. Moreover, globally recognized research practices can help graduates learn new domains and develop sought-after skills. This post is a student guide regarding postgraduate courses at Aston University you should pursue. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Postgraduate courses at Aston University:

Aston University believes in constant growth and career development. The learning practices here are shaped according to globally recognized standards, and postgraduate students can capitalize on these techniques. The enthusiastic and driven academics at this level can help graduates learn new skills and implement them in the workplace. Whatever your discipline, Aston University will help you get further. Here is a list of postgraduate courses you can study at this renowned institute to build your career.

1. MSc Accounting & Finance:

You probably have learned the fundamentals of accounting and finance in your bachelor’s degree. Now is the time to excel at a higher level and learn advanced mechanics in this field. MSc Accounting and finance will equip you with an advanced understanding of accounting and business finance. It can help you develop a leadership mentality supported by viable strategies and decision-making skills.

The financial sector demands dynamic graduates, and Aston University has pulled up its sleeves to generate many. Why not be a part of this manufacturing process? The course will set graduates up for a rewarding and in-demand career in the job market. Moreover, developing advanced practical skills and industry collaboration are bonus points. Students can learn the following modules during this degree.

  • Management Accounting
  • Contemporary Issues in Financial Reporting
  • Financial Accounting & Reporting
  • Strategic Management Accounting
  • Business Finance
  • Financial Analysis

Do you want to build your career in the financial sector? Consider contacting Education consultants in Islamabad and start your application process to enroll in this course.

2. Advanced clinical practice in Ocular Health:

For allied health professionals in the field of ophthalmology who want to step into advanced clinical practitioners, the School of Optometry is offering an exciting new Master’s program. The program is available to optometrists, orthoptists, and nurses who work in the area of ophthalmology and is a component of the Ophthalmic Common Clinical Competency Framework (OCCCF).

The program offers five core modules: Medical Retina, Glaucoma, Advanced Cataracts, Acute and Emergency Eye Care, and Advanced Clinical Practice. Apart from these, students can also learn the following optional modules:

  • Myopia
  • Nutrition and the Eye
  • Ageing Eye Management
  • General Ocular Therapeutics
  • Advanced Ophthalmology and Medical Skills

3. Advance Dental Implantology:

The MSc Advanced Dental Implantology is a Level 7 postgraduate course granted by Aston College, conveyed in a joint effort with the Cambridge Foundation of Dental Implantology. The year part-time course is the ideal educational development pathway for those holding 90 credits at PG Cert or PG level in Dental Implantology from CAofDI (authorized by EduQual).

The course allows you to embed your previously learned courses into your current schedule to come up with a new skill set and mentality. The course is followed by a research project, granting students the power to explore the domain further and tap into new areas. Moreover, it offers the following:

  • Advanced Dental Implantology – 30 credits
  • Research Project – 60 credits

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4. Advance Hearing Therapy Practice:

The course aims to improve students’ knowledge of adult rehabilitation, practice, and research. Graduates interested in audiology and related subjects, such as psychology, speech, and language therapy, etc., are encouraged to enroll. It is a blended-learning program that can be conducted while you stay and work in your current organization.

Studying this course will increase your clinical practice and research skills as an audiologist or healthcare scientist while also increasing your degree of specialization. You will be able to deliver complex therapy to people with hearing challenges because of this improved ability to assimilate and process academic knowledge. You can learn the following modules during this course:

  • Hearing Therapy
  • Tinnitus Management
  • Adult Rehab
  • Evidence-based Practice
  • Vestibular Rehab
  • Health Behavior and Behavior change interventions
  • Dissertation I: Research Methods and Proposal
  • Dissertation II: Research Project

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