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QuickBooks Error 1935: Detailed Technical Analysis and Solutions

Various Microsoft components, including the Microsoft .NET framework, are needed for the successful installation of QB Desktop on the computer. QuickBooks Error 1935 emerges if the Microsoft .NET framework component is damaged at the time of installation of the QB application.

In addition, QB specialists have observed this error code at the time of QB Desktop installation if the Microsoft .NET framework is also engaged in the installation process of some other application on the computer.

Some exhaustive resolutions for this installation error have been provided in this technical blog for you.

If you need immediate guidance from a competent and skilled professional for rectifying QuickBooks Error 1935, just dial 1.855.738.2784 to contact our QB Experts Team.

1935 Error Message in QuickBooks Desktop: Common Factors

The 1935 Error Message in QuickBooks Desktop arises due to various prominent reasons explained below:

  • As you learned earlier in this blog, corruption in the Microsoft .NET framework is the prime cause of QB Error 1935.
  • Antivirus software on your computer can also lead to this issue if its misconfigured settings prevent the proper installation of QB application by wrongly perceiving it as a threat to the computer’s security.

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How to Carry Out Complete Eradication of 1935 Installation Error Code in QuickBooks?

The 1935 Installation Error Code in QuickBooks can be swiftly eliminated if you properly implement the resolutions explained below:

Resolution 1: Easily weed out this issue by completely repairing the Microsoft .NET framework on your computer

  1. Since the Microsoft .NET framework is found inside the ‘Control Panel’, you must reach there, and then you need to hit the ‘Programs and features’ tab; immediately after that, you can easily strike the ‘Uninstall a Program’ option within that window.
  2. Once you tap the ‘Turn Windows features on or off’ button, you will get the correct list of all the .NET frameworks on your screen, and just after that, you are required to mark the ‘.NET framework 4.5’ checkbox if it is unchecked on your screen and then you must immediately reboot the computer.
  3. However, if you see that the checkbox of the ‘.NET framework 4.5’ is already marked, then you should unmark it before restarting your computer. Once your computer has opened up again, you can proceed to mark that checkbox within the Control Panel.
  4. Just as you repaired the ‘Microsoft .NET framework 4.5’, you can also repair the .NET framework 3.5SP1, 4.6, 4.7 as well as 4.8, and once you have repaired all of them, you can go on to install the QB application.

Resolution 2: Accomplish the installation of the QB Desktop in the selective startup mode to easily overcome this problem

  1. Firstly, you need to open up the ‘System Configuration’ window on your screen and to do that; you have first to tap the ‘Windows+R’ keys to launch the ‘Run’ command and just after that, you can go forward to type ‘msconfig’ in the Run command window.
  2. As you hit the ‘Enter’ key, the ‘System Configuration’ window will open up on your screen, and thereafter, you can carefully mark the ‘Selective Startup’ and ‘Load system services’ options provided under the ‘General’ tab of that window.
  3. Next, you need to immediately hop to the ‘Services’ tab so that you can mark the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ checkbox; then you need to tap the ‘Disable All’ button and immediately after that, you should unmark the checkbox that you had marked earlier.
  4. Furthermore, you should verify that the ‘Windows Installer’ checkbox is marked on the screen, and then you can reboot your system to open it in the selective startup mode.
  5. Once your computer emerges in the selective startup mode, you can successfully install the QB Desktop, and just after that, you can switch to normal startup mode again.

By meticulously utilizing the resolutions stated above, you can easily ensure the complete rectification of QuickBooks Error 1935. For more technical assistance, dial 1.855.738.2784 to contact our QB Technical Support Team.

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