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Resorts in Bangalore for a wedding destination

Bangalore brides don’t need to consider having a destination wedding because there are so many luxurious resorts nearby. To escape the mundane routine, take all of your visitors to a resort. Here are a few Bangalore resorts that would be ideal for your special day.


The information on Le Roma Gardenia – Wedding Venues, North Bangalore, Bangalore

Le Roma Gardenia, a lavish wedding location located in Guhantara Resort Bangalore, is ideal for a lavish event like your wedding. They will assist you in organizing your events and taking care of all your tasks because they have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience from years of planning a variety of events. The best option for planning a classy outdoor event is at their location.


  • Available Rooms at Le Roma Gardenia

Ample space for all your events, it also creates a welcoming atmosphere for all your family members and guests. The work that Le Roma Gardenia does speaks for itself; they have the opportunity to plan numerous events.


  • Services Provided by Le Roma Gardenia

They offer in-house catering, and you are also welcome to feel free to hire outside caterers based on your preferences and taste. People who work at the banquet hall are renowned for their professionalism and make it their duty to ensure that events run smoothly. Even though there are many important things to consider when planning an event like a wedding, the venue has to be one of the top priorities because it protects all of your other planning efforts.


  • Menu

Just like the venue itself, food is a crucial component of the event. At the end of the day, it is what the visitors will recall. preparing mouthwatering food for their clients. offering special dining deals that include multi-course meals.


  • Location

Le Roma Gardenia’s convenient location makes it simple for both locals and your out-of-town guests to commute.


Beginning – Wedding Venues, Bangalore’s Sarjapur Main Road

On Sarjapur Road in Bangalore, The Beginning is a charming, intimate, and exotic wedding and event venue with outdoor lawn space and large and small indoor halls for weddings, engagement parties, birthday celebrations, pre-wedding photo shoots, etc. The venue has a Dorm and 9 suites for guests to use. A destination wedding fits well in the Beginning. Your joyful and iridescent memories will take on new meaning in this lustrous location, and they will stick with you forever as a satisfying and captivating tale. On Wed Me Good, The Beginning Wedding location took home the users’ choice award for best wedding location in Bangalore.


  • Pace accessible

It is a cultural and aesthetic building divided into nine distinct zones, with three indoor and six outdoor areas that have courtyards, ceremonial halls, restaurants, conference rooms, opulent suites, and other entertainment areas. This location offers amenities such as a beautiful location for solemn and important weddings, corporate events, laser conferencing, private parties, product launches, bachelor’s parties, weekend getaways, opulent rooms, musical performances, DJ nights, silent parties, private dining places in exquisitely carved cozy corners, etc.


  • Services Offered by The Beginning

They specialize in providing end-to-end wedding services, which include wedding planning, decorations, lighting, sound, bridal entry concepts, catering, bridal make-up, photography, return gifts, cakes, wedding trousseau, and custom wedding jewelry.


The Groves – Wedding Venues, Bangalore, North


A grand event like your wedding would be ideal at Bangalore’s luxurious venue, The Groves. The venue is roomy and comfortable, and it has top-notch amenities. For all of your wedding ceremonies and events, they provide full event support. This location is a great option for your wedding because it can accommodate both a lavish and a simple, understated wedding. The package price includes the rooms. 


The Groves, a vibrant and forward-thinking community, offers a grand lawn and hall while maintaining the warmth and spirit of India. The offerings far exceed the standard venue and catering staples.All of these services would be tailored to meet your requirements, needs, and financial constraints.


The Peacock Grove: Wedding Locations, Bangalore Rural, North Bangalore


This venue stands out due to its architecture, which was inspired by ancient India, and its antique collections. The natural, rustic landscape is beautiful just the way it is. Any further embellishments will only enhance its beauty.


  • Available Space

For both large and small gatherings, the venue offers a variety of covered and open space options. 1500 floating spectators can fit in the semi-open main arena, which has 700 seats. The covered banquet, which can seat 500 people and accommodate 1000 floaters, is a former flower house. The reception area gives visitors a royal welcome by combining a fort and an open courtyard.


  • Location

In Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, the Peacock Grove is situated.


  • Services Offered by The Peacock Grove

This wedding location ensures that your wedding is breathtaking and unforgettable, and to accomplish this, they ensure that guests receive what they desire for their special day. Couples have complete freedom to select the caterers, DJ, alcohol, and decor of their choice.


  • The information on MoonGate – Wedding Venues, North Bangalore, Bangalore

MoonGate has everything you need to make the event a stunning success, from small, private weddings to lavish, big-scale ceremonies. It has the room, the amenities, a qualified staff, and a welcoming atmosphere. 


  • Available Spaces

The enormous ten-acre property known as MoonGate. A tranquil lake and a hill covered in lush greenery surround it on either side. MoonGate, which is awash in natural beauty, calms the senses and creates the ideal environment for a joyful celebration.


  • Location

A first-of-its-kind venue in Bangalore called MoonGate is entirely devoted to events. Moon gate is a landmark in Bengaluru, Karnataka, which is located before Hebbal.


Bangalore is a one-stop shop for all of your wedding venue needs, in fact. The lush, green meadow and the spacious, elegant banquet hall will enchant the guests and make you feel good about your decision.

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