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Real Estate

Rising demand for commercial spaces in India

With the rise of Atmnirbhar Bharat more and more companies are looking out to set up their bases in India. This as a repercussion has given a much-needed boost to Commercial real estate spaces in India. According to Financial Express, the Indian real estate sector in India is expected to grow the market value of US $1 trillion, up from $200  billion in current times and contribute around 13 % of the country’s GDP.

Digitalisation, policies and growing interest in the Indian market are going to uplift commercial spaces by leaps and bounds. The high-end, organised, modern office spaces today are fully loaded with all the features to provide a smoother work experience while taking care of the health and wellness aspects. Developers like Gulshan Homz are taking up the vital role of meeting the demand and modernising the commercial spaces in India. Gulshan One29 Retail Shop Noida, they are looking to bring in a new wave of change in the commercial real sector.

Quality of real estate services

Real estate properties in India are generally classified into grades to signify the quality of asset class. The higher the grade of the property, the higher return on investment is going to be. The grade classification is done by A, Bplus, or B. The higher-rated property shall have more refined amenities. These grades lure in more investors, higher rated properties even have higher resale value. Gulshan One29 Retail Shop Noida, is graded A and is the only Multiplex and Organized Retail Complex along the entire Noida Expressway where more and more eminent multinational companies are looking out to invest.

Location leads to higher ROI

“The overall returns estimated over 10 years are now around eight to nine per cent per annum in the residential realty sector, in comparison to 13-15 per cent per annum in the commercial realty sector,” stated Housing.com. The gross yields are around 6-10% in commercial spaces whereas these lower down 3-4% when it comes to residential spaces. If the goal is to generate a higher rate of return, then the focus should be on location when it comes to investment in real estate. A location that enjoys seamless connectivity to other locations is often high up on the demand list of the investor. Businesses cannot thrive in isolation, the demand for the location is directly proportional to the number of means of transport available to it.

Gaur Yamuna City Greater Noida is one such property that is present in the neighbourhood, which is seeing the rise of commercial hubs near it. The gated township is a state-of-the-art residential, commercial, retail and hospitality development and is home to the world-renowned Buddha International Circuit (BIC). Thorough research shows that kind of industries that are going to be set up at the location is likely to pent up the demand in the future. The major driving factor that influences people to invest in this property is its location, which is strategically surrounded by renowned residencies, great communities and upcoming business opportunities.

Diversification is the key

in commercial spaces and can be achieved in multiple ways. In India, there are four major types of investment which include commercial office spaces, industrial floors, warehousing, and one that can be used for blended use. Every kind of real estate comes with its own revenue-earning capacity, susceptibility and demand for the same in the market. Diversification has its own advantages when it comes to investing, such as

  • Less erratic market fluctuations as compared to stocks and bonds.
  • IRR shows better revenue generation as compared to residential property.

People can invest in the following types of commercial spaces –

Office Space

They are the most known and widely used form of commercial space. These spaces are specifically designed to cater to business needs and can clock in a greater amount of revenue. Investors can benefit from long-term leases by enjoying fixed interests. The upcoming properties in the developing regions have got wider chances of attracting new investors with piqued interest for the new infrastructural development taking place near them.

One such property is Lucknow which is on the list of smart cities, under the Ministry of Urban Development with an emerging real estate industry coming to the forefront with a host of investment opportunities surfacing up.  Nestled in the lap of nature to create a splendour of luxury spaces to include in its bouquet, sporting facilities of international standard along with the other essential needs to include hotels, shopping malls, education, and medical facilities. The smart office spaces are currently under construction and the possession shall start by 2026. Ekana Mall Gomti Nagar Lucknow is a one-stop shop where you can shop, dine, work and enjoy an exclusive range of entertainment activities right in the heart of Noida.

Retail Spaces 

Large malls and shopping complexes fall into this category. The revenue from this business depends directly on the area that they occupy. To garner even more yield, business further sublets the spaces to different businesses. Though the lease agreements for such spaces are rather complex and time-consuming. Based on the demography these areas can also give optimum ROI to the business. After delivering high-quality premium projects, Gulshan Homz is coming up with new Retail Shops in Gulshan One29 Noida the fastest-growing satellite city in the country.

This is a very ambitious project comprising multiple food courts and activity zones. The developers have even given utmost priority to the beliefs of the people and have completed the construction with amped-up financial experience. Vastu compliance is in mind.  Retail Property Investment lets you be carefree when it comes to dealing with renting and tenants. Equity is the best instrument one can invest in real estate to not only diversify their portfolio but also get the fruits of labour.

Conclusion – 

Investment in real estate services is the right decision one can take. The Indian real estate market is rather complex and requires constant brooding when it comes to choosing the right purchase for your portfolio. It also calls for constant evaluation and assesses the risk associated with the investment carefully, but if the goals are clear one can also reap the rewards inherent to it.


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