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Significance of Fish in Bengali Matrimonial Celebrations

Wanna know all about Bengali matrimonial culture and traditions but cannot identify the role of fish all through? Well, no problem. The article will tell you about fish usage and its significance in Bengali matrimony. Keep reading to know!

Apart from being an integral dish and ‘must add’ in Bengali cuisine, fish is mandatory in every Bengali matrimonial ritual. The presence of fish is enough to make their occasions pure and auspicious. It creates its value from the first-ever ceremony in a person’s life, i.e. Annaprashana or Mukhebhaat to their marriage and rituals afterward. Curious to know more? Well, follow the paragraphs below for complete information about all rituals and the importance of fish in Bengali matrimony.


Haldi is also called Gaye Holud in a Bengali matrimonial wedding. Both the groom and the bride’s side of the family apply Haldi to both of them and the rest of the relatives afterward. The groom’s family also brings Haldi to the bride’s house to apply it to her. However, they don’t accompany the groom with them. the family also carries the fish and bride’s outfit with them to symbolize purity and auspiciousness.

Fish Motifs

The fish is wrapped like a bride with vermillion to send it to both groom’s and the bride’s households. The Bengali families do the ritual while sending the rest of the gifts and packages to each other’s families. They also mold bright-colored sarees in the shape of fish to bring luck and auspiciousness. Even fish-shaped sweets are sent to the respective families to symbolize better relations and harmony. The groom’s family even wraps the marriage outfit of the bride in the shape of fish and sends it with the rest of the gifts.

Tummy Delight

Not just during the Bengali matrimonial celebrations, fishes are the forever favorite delicacy of Bengalis. However, the significance majorly increases during any of their rituals or ceremonies. Both the groom’s and bride’s families prepare at least one delicacy of fish fry and one fish gravy. They usually use Hilsa fish for occasions as it is considered one of the tastiest and most auspicious in the family. Although, there are various other dishes but fish is the prime interest of all the Bengali families during the feast. 


Aiburo means bachelor and bhaat mean rice. Aiburobhaat is the last feast ceremony for the brides and the grooms as a bachelor. Their parents prepare a complete meal for them including, Poshto Aaloo, Lucchi, Roshogulla, Shukti, Mangso, Gulabjamun, etc for the feast. But fish again has the most imperative role in it. The parents feed their lovable child with Macher Jhol or Doi Maach for the last time before their marriage. The family makes sure that the menu and the taste of the delicacies are unforgettable and pleases the bride/groom like never before. 


This ritual happens on the same day as Haldi. The Groom’s family along with the rest of the gifts takes fish with them as well. The Rohu fish is all decorated to look like a bride. They apply sindoor, jewelry, turmeric paste, etc to the fish draped in a beautiful silk saree. 

The Rohu Maach signifies good luck for the bride and the groom’s family. It is presented as a good luck gesture to the bride to wish her everything auspicious and prosperous for her new life. The fish presented is also a kind of blessing from the groom’s family for their bride-to-be. 

Looking at Fish

When the bride enters her new home for the first time after the marriage, she is again shown a fish before seeing anything else. It is considered good luck and a positive omen to see fish as the first thing before you start anything new in Bengali traditions. So, it ensures happiness and prosperity in her life after her Bengali matrimonial wedding. 

The significance of fish in Bengali culture is never-ending and maximum. From being one of the favorite delicacies among Bengali people, fish is everything about good luck and positivity in their tradition. Naturally, the importance of fish in Bengali matrimonial celebrations is no less. The above points are just a few of them!

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