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Step By Step Dinosaur Drawing For Kids | Drawing Tutorial

Simple Dinosaur Drawing For Kids

Drawing For Kids almost everyone in the world experiences a phase of fascination with dinosaurs. When children are six or seven years old, they often start to learn about their surroundings. This is so that students can learn so much about these extinct creatures. The fundamental design of a dinosaur is probably the first thing that comes to mind when selecting a toy or book for your youngster. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a long-necked dinosaur with solid legs and a back. Its shape resembles a vintage dinosaur somewhat.

Advantages of Coloring and Drawing

  • Children have the chance to strengthen their fine motor skills and intellectual concepts through this exercise.
  • Additionally, it aids in the development of their practice and focus.
  • Fine motor skills are those that require using different hand and finger movements.
  • They are frequently employed when carrying out particular duties.
  • Playing with writing tools is a fantastic approach to help your child develop their fine motor skills.
  • Drawing exercises for kids might assist them with visualizing commonplace areas.
  • Encourage children to draw pictures of big and little things, rough and nearby ones.
  • Along with fine motor abilities, drawing aids in developing eye-hand coordination in kids. This is crucial in sporting and leisure contexts.
  • Even if your child may not yet comprehend the ideas of distance and size comparison, drawing offers the ideal opportunity to build these abilities intentionally.
  • Having your youngster make physical representations of their ideas and emotions fosters confidence.
  • Drawing can boost confidence and self-esteem. Additionally, it will increase their inspiration and motivation.
  • Children who draw imaginatively increase their creativity and critical thinking.
  • Developing a specific drawing assignment can aid improve your child’s problem-solving abilities.

Describe a Dinosaur

  • These creatures first appeared roughly 245 million years ago and are frequently referred to as dinosaurs. They reside in giant reptiles. Most dinosaurs perished about 66 million years ago before the Cretaceous Period.

Facts to Know About Dinosaurs

  • The Greek words dino and ros are where we get the word “dinosaur.”
  • Richard Owen suggested the term “Dinosauria” in 1842 to describe the extinct, enormous beasts.
  • Although they were enormous and terrestrial, these ancient creatures had five hip vertebrae that could support the weight of their bodies.
  • Additionally, dinosaurs lacked joint plates, unlike modern crocodiles and ichthyosaurs.

Material Required

  • White drawing paper for drawing and coloring.
  • Pencil: Drawing with a pencil and making corrections by erasing and starting again is helpful.
  • Eraser: Used to correct any mistakes.
  • Black markers can be used to outline after completing the artwork.
  • To add color to the drawing, use crayons.

How To Sketch

  • Create a set of rules on the paper.
  • Draw with the pencil.
  • Draw the body first.
  • Make a line that is curved with a hump in the middle.
  • Look at the illustration, then draw the bottom line to create the body.
  • Make the dinosaur’s neck and head by extending in an upward direction.
  • Make the tail by extending the opposite end.
  • Now, draw the lines resembling an elephant’s.
  • And lastly, draw the body’s spikes.
  • Draw the mountains and the earth now.
  • With the black marker, create an outline.
  • Let’s get the coloring right now.
  • The mountains and the earth should both be brown tones.
  • The dinosaur should be drawn in both dark and light green.
  • The sky should be a sky-blue color.

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