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Suryakumar Yadav Can Solve India’s Middle East Catastrophe

Since the beginning of this decade, India has consistently been in the top three in the points table for both limited overs and test cricket.

Under the leadership of strong leaders such as MS DHONI and VIRAT KOHLI, the quality of play in Indian cricket matches has advanced to the next level.

India’s Reddy anna book lineup still has a problem in the middle order, despite the fact that they are one of the greatest teams in the limited overs format.

This crisis in the middle order has been going on for a significant number of years.

Even though a large number of players, including newcomers, have been given the opportunity to fill the hole, there has been no constructive production.

After Suresh Raina, India has not been able to identify a middle order batsman who can consistently play at a high level.

Now, after a lengthy process of trial and error, Indian cricket has finally found a gem who may save them from this disastrous middle order situation.


Since the beginning of the past cricket season, this player has been getting a lot of attention for his spectacular and consistent innings in both domestic cricket and the Indian Premier League.

When the top order is struggling to score runs, T20 world cup Cricket ID is a talented cricket player who is aware of the strategy that will help put runs on the scoreboard.

In addition to his talents, he has a wealth of experience gained through playing domestic cricket as well as Twenty20 cricket.

Over the last several years, SKY has made a significant amount of progress in improving his game. SKY has come a long way from the days when. He batted in the sixth down for Kolkata Knight Riders and smashed those reverse sweeps. Now he is the backbone of the Mumbai Indians offense.

On July 18, 2021, SKY made his first appearance for India in an international match playing Twenty20 cricket against England.

In his international career, which has consisted of a total of 7 matches (4 Twenty20 matches. And 3 One-Day International matches). He has scored three half century in it with an average of 46.33 (t20), and 62. (ODI).


After analyzing Suryakumar Yadav performance in the limited overs format of cricket. I am certain that this individual will be an excellent choice for the role that has been advertised. He has an excellent playing style and plays with great purpose.

When competing at the top level for your nation. Having the right mental attitude becomes more important than ever for every player.

The strategy game of SKY mirrors this sound mental approach well. When a player makes their first appearance, there is usually a lot of expectation on them to do well.

But in Suryakumar Yadav first game, you won’t find any of that pressure in him; rather. He is playing as if it were a match that he plays on a daily basis. It’s all about your frame of mind and how disciplined you are.


The Twenty20 World Cup is coming up this year, and India has to be prepared with the finest squad possible. Having Surya bat in the middle order will help the team have an experienced lineup for the tournament.

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