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The Advantages of Physical Security Information System

With the preponderance of several security devices and systems nowadays, the demand for security integration is increased. The reason why software such as the Physical Security Information System is developed to aid operators in collating unique information coming from various sources.

Many security integrators are now incorporating the software into their existing system. They all see the advantages of using this advanced software and they all recommend using PSIM for your business, residential or personal needs. Companies such as Qognify offer this technology.

Process Optimization

The integration paves way for overall security optimization. Operators would no anymore individually check on the subsystem or on the device just to juxtapose data. The system does that for them in no sweat, resulting in less downtime. This also helps implement API security measures faster than ever.

Integrated Analysis

Along with the benefit of convenient data collection is the accurate analysis and solution proposed by the system itself. Once all relevant data are gathered, the system has the functionality to make sense of all the numbers and inputs that came through. The resulting report, set in a friendly format, serves as the operator’s basis for in-depth interpretation.

Situation Awareness and Responses

PSIM is also capable of creating recommendations, based on embedded company’s standard operating procedures and best practices. The end goal of the system is to raise situational awareness and expedite operator response time when situations arise. Hence, it strives to carefully put together relevant data in one file or interface, so the operators will not waste time gathering and then transmitting into the system all the disparate data. They will now be focused on the “solution”, rather than on the nitty gritty of things.

Cost Effective

Because you no longer have to buy separate standalone systems for every security device, you save costs in the long run. You save costs in terms of labor, energy consumption, system installation, and miscellaneous because of the integration.

Less training

As regards manpower, you only need to train a few people, probably even just one or two to operate the system. Not only is your process leaner, but so do your team. Because of this setup, communication is far easier and direct. There will be no red tapes for the team then, which is helpful under emergency situations.

Less Human Error

Sometimes, the system produces accurate information but error happens somewhere in the data collection or transmission. Physical Security Information System lessens the likelihood of creating confusing results, especially where there are 4 or more devices involved.

With fewer errors, the reports will be more credible which can be used later on when analyzing trends, ratios, or other patterns you’d like to see.

Audit Trail

This functionality of the system allows other parties to look into consolidated events and information for checks and balances. The system further allows auditors to see if the operator’s responses were in compliance with the company protocols. With PSIM, therefore, you can be rest assured that there will be slim chances, if not nil, of security breaches from the inside.

Let it be known though that the successful running of this system is anchored on proper planning. If you’re fully resolved on installing this latest security information management system, then it would be best if you start with planning, including projection of costs and management of risks. The first phase after installation may call for adjustments, but once you’ve immersed into the process, you’ll realize how wise an investment this software has been.


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