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The kitchen rug, the new practical and decorative trend

Since the kitchen becomes a reception room, like a second living room, why don’t we give it the same decorative codes? The kitchen mat has many advantages, starting with its practical aspect since it helps to keep the kitchen in good condition by protecting the floor from dirt. Ideally placed in front of the sink or front of the worktop, the kitchen rug also personalizes the space by giving it character. As a new reception place where we meet, the kitchen takes on importance in the decoration by becoming a room in its own right with decorative elements similar to those of the living room. The latest novelty? The kitchen rug is ultra-practical and decorative, which brings together many advantages. The latter personalizes the space, delimits it when the kitchen opens onto the living room, and limits domestic accidents. Resolutely contemporary, the kitchen rug becomes essential in our interiors between aesthetics and functionality.

Choosing the right kitchen rug

To live comfortably without constraints. The kitchen carpet must be easily and quickly maintained with a hand with wipes. Not just any rug is suitable for the kitchen. This often tiled room is conducive to quick soiling, between a few drops of water on the floor, a few crumbs and a few splashes when cooking, or simply during a clumsiness. The kitchen rug should be made of washable materials, preferably in the washing machine rather than by hand. Generally, the kitchen mat is braided in flexible plastic materials that facilitate absorption and cleaning to last over time. A thick rug such as a bathroom rug or a rug dedicated to the living room will not be suitable for the kitchen, as their materials are more fragile and less easy to maintain.

The advantages of the kitchen mat

Made from moisture-resistant materials. the kitchen rug can also be used outdoors, on the balcony or terrace to change rooms according to the seasons and desires. The kitchen mat is also more non-slip and comfortable daily, making you feel safer in the room since it absorbs drops of water and thus prevents slipping. Finally, its plastic material makes it thin and grippy, so you never trip. The kitchen rug is very decorative, available in several formats and in many colours to suit all surfaces and all types of interiors. In a large kitchen, you can have several to punctuate the space or delimit the cooking area from the dining area. If you don’t love the old tile that you failed to replace, the rug will cover it up to modernize the room.

Where to get a kitchen mat?

Still discreet in our interiors, the kitchen rug is gaining momentum. The major brands and emblematic decoration brands. We are starting to offer them in resistant materials with a contemporary and decorative design. Such as Becquet or monbeautapis.com. Still, also Scandinavian brands such as Brita Sweden are available on the e-shop La Maison d’ Anna G. If you can’t find what you’re looking for among these brands, don’t forget a rug dedicated to the outdoors will also do the trick since it brings together the same issues, and therefore the same constitution as a rug of the kitchen.

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