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The Process of Wire and Cable Extrusion

The industry of wires and cables is huge. There are a variety of cables and wires that are used for industrial as well as many other applications. They all have different purposes to serve. They are the power supply for the industry and, therefore, the extrusion process for wires is inevitable. Whether they are the charging cables that are used for various objectives or the power supply cables used in a manufacturing unit require going through an extrusion process for maximum efficiency. Even charging cables for electrical vehicles require EV Charging cable extrusion line. Let’s understand it further.

What is an extrusion process?

The most common purpose of extrusion is insulation. The wires, used for various applications, are susceptible to hazards while they are being used in big industrial setups. Therefore, by the means of the process of extrusion, an external sheath is created around the wire from the starting edge to the final end. It endows maximum protection to a cable that is in use. In any industrial setup, take manufacturing, for example, a large group of employees is working. The working conditions in the industry are enclosed and require the safety of the workers. Therefore, the extrusion process provides that safety by providing an outer casing to the wires.

What is used in the process of extrusion?

The extrusion process requires extrusion lines that provide the sheathing to the wires. The extrusion lines are made by the manufacturers. These manufacturers are engaged in the field engaged, specifically, in the production of extrusion lines. There is a difference between the facilities where the production of wires and cables is taking place as well as the place where the extrusion lines are manufactured. The wires and cable manufacturers have to procure the machinery that would help in extrusion from its manufacturer.

Besides the equipment for extrusion, the manufacturers have to opt for a material. The material that is used to make these sheathing lines is decided on the basis of the application of the wire or the cable. Also, another factor that helps in deciding the type of material that is going to be used in the process of extrusion is the demand. For that matter, many things get into consideration like efficacy, cost-effectiveness, waste generation, and quality. Silicon is an example of wire sheathing that falls under the category of rubber material. A dedicated silicon extruder machine supplier is in the industry supplying the most effective equipment to the manufacturers.

What are the types of materials used for wire extrusion?

The use of wire strongly throws light on this fact. Where exactly the wires or cables are being used? For example, for the EV charging cables, you may need a different material than the one that is used for the power cables in a heavy-load industry. For EV power cables, the manufacturer has to procure an EV charging cable extrusion line. However, there is a variety in the material in the wire extrusion process. They are as follows.

  • Plastic: It is one of the most popular materials used by insulation manufacturers. Plastic is considered ideal due to the quality of shock absorbance. Besides, it is resistant to many deteriorating factors including water and heat.
  • Rubber: It is one of the most economical materials for the purpose of wire sheathing. The waste generated during the rubber sheathing is much less, making it environmentally friendly. The rubber material also provides enhanced flexibility for various weather conditions. Silicone is one of the popular types used for wire sheaths. The manufacturer has to get a silicon extruder machine supplier for procuring sheathing lines.
  • Fluoropolymer: It has various temperature ratings. The wastage factor of fluoropolymer is low which makes it an efficient option for sheathing. There are many other qualities attached to fluoropolymer depending on the type that is being incorporated.


Therefore, the merger of a diverse range of material, the type of application, and the procurement of machines for extrusion completes the process of wires and cables extrusion

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