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The Story of Zainmanga: How One Woman Started A New Type Of Manga In Africa

For a long time, Manga was only available as Japanese cartoons and comic books. But in the last two decades, a new genre of Manga has emerged in Africa called Zainmanga. Zainmanga is different from regular Manga – it’s made by African writers and artists with African themes and heroes. On this blog article, learn all about the history of Zainmanga, who creates it and what makes it different from typical Manga!

Zainmanga: What is it?

Zainmanga is a new type of manga that is originating in Africa. It is a story-based genre of comics that often includes elements of African culture and folklore. The term “zainmanga” is derived from the Swahili word “zaini”, which means “story”.

Zainmanga is still in its early stages of development, but it has already gained a small following among comic book fans in Africa. One of the most popular zainmanga titles is “The Legend of Zain”, which is about a young woman who goes on a quest to save her village from an evil sorcerer.

What sets zainmanga apart from other types of manga is its focus on African culture and folklore. This makes it unique and interesting for readers who are looking for something different from the usual fare.

If you’re interested in checking out some zainmanga, be sure to check out “The Legend of Zain”. It’s a great example of what this new genre has to offer.

How Did Ngozi Thela Start Zainmanga?

Ngozi Thela was born in Nigeria and raised in the United States. She has always loved manga and wanted to share it with African readers. In 2016, she started Zainmanga, the first manga publisher in Africa.

Thela teamed up with an artist named Adebanji Alade to create the first volume of Zainmanga. The series is about a young girl named Zain who dreams of becoming a manga artist. Thela hopes that her story will inspire other Africans to pursue their dreams.

Zainmanga is currently available online and in select bookstores in Nigeria. Thela plans to release new volumes of the series annually.

Where Did the Inspiration for Zainmanga Come From?

The inspiration for Zainmanga came from a desire to see more African stories being told in the manga genre. Manga is a hugely popular form of entertainment in Japan, and its influence can be seen all over the world. However, there are very few manga titles that feature African characters or stories. This is something that Zainmanga creator, Zainab Akinyi, wanted to change.

Akinyi was born and raised in Kenya, and has always been a huge fan of manga. She was frustrated that there were so few African stories being told in this medium, and decided to do something about it. In 2016, she launched Zainmanga, the first online platform dedicated to publishing African-themed manga.

Zainmanga has been a huge success, and has inspired other Africans to create their own manga. The response from fans has been overwhelming, and Akinyi is proud to have created a space for African stories to be told in this popular genre.

How Does a Zainmanga Storyline Develop?

A Zainmanga storyline typically develops over the course of several weeks or months, with new chapters being released on a regular basis. The story is often told through the eyes of a protagonist who is struggling to overcome some sort of challenge or conflict.

While the specific details of each story may vary, there are some common elements that are often found in Zainmanga stories. These include themes of friendship, family, love, and self-discovery.

readers are typically engaged from start to finish as they watch the protagonist grow and change throughout the course of the story. This type of manga has quickly become popular in Africa and elsewhere due to its relatable characters and realistic storylines.

What Kinds of Stories Are in Zainmanga?

Zainmanga is a new type of manga that is becoming popular in Africa. It is a form of comics that uses African characters and stories. The stories in Zainmanga are about African culture, history, and everyday life. They are written in English and French, and they are usually about 10 pages long.

Zainmanga is different from other types of manga because it is specifically designed for African audiences. The stories are not only about African culture, but they also reflect the experiences of Africans living in Africa. This makes Zainmanga unique and interesting to read.

If you are looking for something different to read, then you should check out Zainmanga. You will be able to learn about a different culture while enjoying a great story.

Who are the Artists that Make Them?

The artists that make Zainmanga are a diverse group of people from all over Africa. They come from different cultures and backgrounds, but they all share a love for manga and a desire to tell stories that reflect their own experiences and perspectives.

Some of the artists have been drawing manga for years, while others are just starting out. But all of them bring their own unique style and voice to the books.

The team is constantly growing, and we’re always on the lookout for new talent. If you’re interested in becoming a Zainmanga artist, we’d love to hear from you!


Zainmanga is an inspiring story of how one woman used her passion for manga to create something new and exciting in Africa. This type of manga is helping to change the way people see Africa, and it is empowering women across the continent. We hope that Zain’s story will inspire others to follow their dreams and create something new and beautiful in the world.

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