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The time to go to Nepal is now – Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Nepal suffered a devastating earthquake of April of this year. A trip to Nepal is one of the ways you can help the nation. Tourism is the main sector in Nepal. People flock to nature as well as to the tourist industry of adventure.

Since I was a kid, Trekking Annapurna Base Camp has been on my must-do bucket list (I’m going to share the story in my upcoming article). We were thrilled to be able to travel to Nepal in the beginning and was enthralled about what the massive earthquake will appear like. We spent three months in Nepal and visited Pokhara, Kathmandu, Lumbini and Chitwan as well as the ABC tour.

In September of 2016 I went on the trek in September 2016 so I try everything I can to recall and record what you need to know about planning ABC treks on your own. I walked the trek with Nico and Nico, so the two of us with the aid of a guide or porter, remember. It was a wonderful day (I am terrible at managing cold temperatures, so I decided to go on a trek in the spring when it wasn’t too cold). During the trek it drizzled a bit.

I will discuss the documentation and fitness, as well as the money packaging, and some suggestions within this article. Let’s begin! Let’s begin!

Be aware that, in order to hike you to hike the Annapurna Base Camp Trek you will need two permits.

  1. ACAP (1) (Annapurna Conservation Area). Expenditure: 2,000 Rupees

(2) TIMS (Trekkers’ Management Information System). Expenditure: 2,000 Rupees

As our hike (without the aid of a guide or porter) was planned by the green TIMS. Green TIMS are free Trekker (FIT). You can get an TIMS in blue when you organize your trek with a guide or porter. For Trekker Group/s (FT).

The Tourist Board of the Tourist Service Center located at Pardi Damside, Nepal may apply to obtain these licenses (for Annapurna, only). The office on Saturday is closed. Except for the publishing, you are able to apply for work from Sunday until Friday.

It is important to plan things:

One copy of your passport. Two passport photo

Please fill out the form.

Insurance Insurance (though it’s not required)

Cost allowance

The two permits for hiking must be carried in. It’s best to put it in a place that easy to reach. You’ll need to furnish your permit by presenting two points of entry (one located in Birethanti and the second located in Chomrong).

Fitness Level


For the Annapurna Base Camp trek, you don’t have to be a fitness enthusiast. I was at the right level for the trek. I’m sure that I could be a bit healthier (but who wouldn’t?). What’s my fitness level is that right?

I adore trekking. Climb a volcano at times or trek through the landscape. I’ve walked, as an example about 6-7 kilometers a morning to cafés and restaurants within Sri Lanka or around 3-4 kilometers on the beach.

I suggest a routine exercise before you go on the ABC excursion if you have do not exercise regularly or do not want to walk. I believe that you can do it. Annapurna Base Camp hike isn’t that difficult, but it requires determination. You’ll be fine If you’re reasonably fit.

Hiring Guides and Porters

Sorry! I’ve never hired an employee or guide, therefore it’s just my personal experience. Based on my research, guide or cost for porters range between $15 and $25 daily. There is some room to negotiate prices (it is definitely cheaper to purchase the guide on your own and eliminate the costs of the agency).

I’ve heard that you have to pay them half prior to the trip and the other half prior to it ends if you employ an individual guide or porter. This is a sound advice, however, should you choose to hire a guide through a reliable travel agent I’m sure you can pay the entire amount in advance.


Lodges are available on the trails that lead to the base camp of Annapurna. The more you travel along the path lodges are easiest. When I inquired about how the cost of the first night we spent in Gangtok cost for accommodation I was awestruck.

Food and Drinks

While the cost of lodging is low but it’s expensive. The higher the elevation the higher the cost gets.  Its price increased by 50-100 dollars per thousand meters of elevation.

We carried a water bottle to drink. The price to fill it 1 liter of water was around 80-150 rupees. There is water available in Pokhara easily if you wish. We didn’t have any water filters.


We took a taxi for Naya Pul from Pokhara (to begin our trek). The cost for each trip was 1.500 rupees. It is possible to take an auto if you don’t need to take taxi. The bus we took back that cost us 250 rupees per person to get from Siwaii returning to Pokhara. We shared a taxi with a korean trekker at the Pokhara bus station. It cost between 400 and 500 rupees.

Summary of Costs

Over the course of the course of six days completed six days of the Annapurna Base Trek. The average cost was 2,788 rupees per day, which includes accommodation and meals (breakdown is available here). The total expenses (including travel and authorization) totalled 28.080 Rupees for two people. Total budget NPR 28,080 would be US257 dollars equivalent to IDR 3.430 000

Budget for daily hikes: NPR 2,788 = IDR 350,500 = USD 25.5

The budget is made up of two people in the season of lows.

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