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The Top 6 Translation Mistakes to Avoid

The act of translating involves conveying meaning from one language to another. Keeping in mind the cultural and regional distinctions between the two languages, the goal of translation is to maintain the original tone and intent of a communication. To produce a superior translation, translators must fully comprehend the source text, maintain attention, and of course, be aware of the frequent mistakes other translators have made so that you can steer clear of them.

  • Mistranslations

Mistranslation can result in dire repercussions as well as amusing translations. A poorly translated word can cost millions of dollars or even people’s lives, especially in legal or medical documents. It’s also preferable to use the original term when specific words and phrases have no translation in the target language. For instance, many Latin or French expressions are still employed in English papers. De facto, habeas corpus, and other examples come to mind. By simply having a second linguist proofread the translation and being familiar with such Latin or French idioms, a skilled translator should be able to avoid making such a mistake. You can check out Cheap Attestation services in Dubai for more information. 

  • Literal Translation

When translated literally, the idiomatic phrase “it rains cats and dogs” loses its intended meaning and results in a translation error. One of the biggest errors that translators make is translating something literally. You can either hunt for suitable idiomatic terms in the target language or simply translate the meaning rather than the idiom itself to avoid making this mistake. You can also visit Cost to Attest a Document in Dubai to know about the cost factors.

  • A Word for Word Translation

A literal translation would be at best unreliable and at worst insulting. The text that results from translating word for word could not make much sense. Every language has its unique syntax or method of constructing sentences; in some languages, a phrase can be stated entirely in a single word.

  • Use Incorrect Style

One of the largest translation mistakes is this one. Translators may translate a document without understanding its suitable style since they are not familiar with the target language. Every kind of translation has a unique style. A legal document or a medical document, for instance, cannot be translated in the same way. This modifies a script’s core and, in the end, purges its very spirit. The quality of the translation is much improved by translating using the appropriate style.

  • Ineffective Communication

The translator and the customer must communicate effectively, just like in any other business. Poor communication could lead to misunderstandings between you and the client; you could not comprehend their needs, and they might not be aware of your limitations. Having a two-way conversation with a client is crucial to developing a solid understanding of him. At each stage of the translation process, you must communicate with the customer.

  • Exaggeration of Word 

The most frequent blunders made during translation are noted below. The best effort is typically put forward when translating. However, it’s crucial to avoid overusing specialized language or convoluted statements. It’s critical to comprehend the client’s needs and act accordingly. If it’s a handbook or manual for personal use, keep the language straightforward. However, if it is necessary for publishing, you must adhere to the publisher’s rules or requirements. You can go through legal translation service in dubai for further information.


Following the article on the six common mistakes in translation, experience is gained by learning from your own mistakes. In order to deliver top-notch legal translation services in Dubai, it is crucial to recognize your errors and take steps to avoid them.


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