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The Truth About Painful Sex

Our culture is gradationally getting more open when it comes to coitus. From hit songs on the radio to our favorite pictures and television shows, it feels like we’re talking about coitus constantly. still, mainstream media is primarily concentrated on showing us the delightful side of coitus. You won’t find any pop songs about incentive infections, and James Bond noway suffers from erectile dysfunction. And while that may be a bit too far, it’s important that we talk about the not-so-sexy side of coitus. For illustration, numerous people quietly suffer from painful coitus. Because it’s not frequently talked about over brunch or represented in the media, they might just not know any better!

Let’s change that. They are the most common questions people have about painful sex

1. Is Painful Sex Normal?

Yes and no. Unfortunately, studies have shown it isn’t uncommon. It’s further of an issue for women, but men can witness pain during or after coitus as well. So you aren’t a codger, and you aren’t alone. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore it! We’re biologically driven to enjoy coitus( the future of the mortal race depends on it!), so if coitus is causing you pain, the commodity is out.

2. Am I Doing commodity Wrong?

Wrong sounds a bit judge- y, but there are some effects you may want to consider doing else. First, lube up! Bodies produce varying quantities of lubrication for all feathers of reasons, and yours may just need a little redundancy. You may want to stay down from lubes that contain glycerin as the sugar can beget vexation.

Next, go heavy on the foreplay. As women come aroused, the vaginaexpands.However, extended foreplay may be needed — anything from wearing lingerie, to lighting candles, If your vagina is lower and/ or your mate’s penis is large. Do what works for you!

Some coitus positions allow for deeper penetration than others, which can be a great thing but can also lead to pain during or after coitus. Consider this a reason to mix it up and learn some new moves.

3. Does it Mean I Have a Medical Problem?

, painful Sex could suggest a medical issue, If you’ve tried all of the below. incentive infections, urinary tract infections, vaginismus, STIs like chlamydia or gonorrhea, ovarian excrescencies, and endometriosis are all possible lawbreakers. It could also be an antipathetic response to the condoms or lube you’re using — or indeed a side effect of a drug you’re taking. Menopause can also lead to painful coitus.

The nethermost line is a gynecological check-up that may be in order.

4. Does it Mean I Have a Relationship Problem?

Perhaps. When it comes to coitus, the environment matters, so problems outside the bedroom could contribute to pain during or after intercourse. coitus is a veritably vulnerable act, so trust and connection may be needed for your body to truly relax. Arousal is also key. However, if you have no troubles getting turned on in your solo sessions, it may be time to visit a couples therapist or closeness trainer, If you’re simply unfit to come aroused by your mate no matter how important foreplay you integrate.

It’s also important to note that other internal health issues, similar to depression, general anxiety, and stress, can be contributing factors as well.

5. Should I Beam and Bear It?

Accepting or ignoring painful coitus will eventually lead to medical issues, relationship issues, or both. You could be ignoring an important symptom of a beginning health condition or allowing resentment to make in your relationship, both of which will only make the original problem worse.

Communication is crucial then. At the veritably least, you should be agitating the fact that you’re having painful coitus with your gynecologist and with your partner. However, flashback this is their job, and they’ve heard it all ahead, If you’re upset that talking about this stuff with your croaker
is disturbing. And if your mate isn’t willing to bandy your sexual discomfort and work with you on fixing it, they aren’t a veritably good mate.

You earn a satisfying Sex life. coitus should be, at times, comforting, thrilling, emotional, sportful, and enjoyable, but always pain-free.
Stacy Can Help
Still, reach out to clinical sexologist and coitus trainer Dr, If you’re passing painful coitus or any other sexual concern. Stacy Friedman to record a free discussion. It’s no way too late to ameliorate your coitus life.

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