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Things to do in Kodachadri trek – Bangalore

Mookambika is believed to be the place of Mookambique’s goddess that she was born and thus to be referred to as Mookambika, the Temple of Mookambika. Its Kodachadri hills are a nature site of heritage which is located in the Western Ghats and provides an impressive backdrop to the renowned Temple that is Kollur Mookambika. The hill is regarded as a part of the Mookambika Temple Nature Reserve because of its stunning sunsets and sunrises. It is possible to climb for five hours done to reach at the Kodachadri summit (at 1343m over sea level).


Kodachadri trek

Kodachadri is situated in the district in Shimoga and is among Karnataka’s most sought-after trekking trails. The trail is situated in Mookambika’s Wildlife Sanctuary of Mookambika, the Trek Kodachadri gives hikers an experience, an adventure and an unforgettable adventure. Trek Kodachadri takes you through an idyllic village that is dotted with paddy fields and lush forest with beautiful pastures and a sparkling waterfall that is a perfect knee-high. The most interesting thing to take in is the beautiful rolling grasslands and the hills which surround the mountain. To enhance these views you can also go to a temple with an extensive story and is believed to have been built hundreds of years back. Every person can explore by themselves, with a variety of ways to hike. It’s an ideal for those who are first-timers or second-hand hikers.


How do I reach Kodachadri?

Kodachadri is situated in Karnataka near Kollur located situated in Kollur, in the Shimoga district. Kodachadri has train and air and road-accessible area. The closest airport for Kodachadri is 153km away from Mangalore airport. Airport. There is an upsurge in number of jeeps, which leads to a strenuous, but exciting trip up to Kodachadri or its top. A trip on the road or in buses that are well-connected across the state is among the best methods of getting to Kodachadri. The best time to visit the magnificent site is believed to be during the summer months. The drive between Bangalore towards Kodachadri is approximately 420 km that takes almost 9 hours and is also served by buses.


The best places to visit in Kodachadri?

The trekking and walking trails are among the best places to explore in Kodachadri. In the middle of the Mookambike National Forest lies the mountain top with a range of amazing flora and animals which will provide a stunning view of the forest. The Mookambika Temple is among Koller’s most famous spots which is that of the Mookambika Temple. Another place to go to during the Kodachadri trek. Alongside the famed Mookambique temple in Mookambique and the Sarvajna peetha is also a holy spot, in which philosophical philosopher Adi Shankaracharya is renowned as a meditator.


The best timing to be there Kodachadri

The months of October and February are the best time to visit Kodachadri. The best times to go on this Kodachadri Trek are after the monsoon or during winter. You’ll be witnessing its magnificence, right after the monsoon, and the lush greenery in the area. The walk is able to be extended to the beginning of summer, when most of the trail is green and brown. In the winter months you’ll see a lot more clear than during the Monsoon season. In the summer you can walk. When you walk from woods to the grasslands the color is extremely brown. In the monsoon season the region receives significant rainfall. If you decide to go with this option, be prepared for the challenges of mountain treks.

Be prepared with the proper equipment, and be with someone who has sailing, trekking and sailing experience. Being a trekker during monsoon’s peak can be a challenge.


What is the difficulty of Kodachadri?

If you are going from Nittur or Marakutuka to Vallur and back, this Kodachadri hike can be quite challenging. If you’re walking on this trail you will find your endurance stretched. Additionally, due to the slippery terrain as well as the Hidlumane Falls aspect makes the hike more difficult. The route can be described as a moderate-to-easy walk from up to Nittur by way of Hidlumane Falls. Hidlumane Falls. In one direction, if you take the path recommended by the guide, the distance will walk approximately 19.5 kilometers.

The distance from Hidlumane’s final run up to the road that runs through it offers the walk a lot of difficulty. If you’re not careful and do not take proper steps, then walking through the rocks and slippery trail could be hazardous. Be sure to wear walking shoes and walking pole are on the ground. In the event of fog and haze, walking through the forest can be challenging. The risk for trekkers is that they could take a wrong turn and end in a difficult or wrong route. The evacuation process is longer than other hikes in case of accidents or injuries. Another reason the hike is classified as a moderate walk.

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