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Things to Know About Emotional Support Animal California

When a person is going through mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder, an emotional support animal can ease stress and help a person to focus on life. Most emotional support animals are dogs and cats, but other animals can also be emotional support animals. Unlike service animals, Emotional Support Animals don’t require any special training. ESA must be well-behaved so that other people don’t feel disturbed by its presence. A person can also live with an ESA on rental property. For that, he/she must have an ESA letter as legal proof.

Emotional Support Animal in California

Emotional Support Animals can heal a person’s mental health with companionship. Here are a few things a person needs to know about Emotional Support Animals in California(the definitive guide).

The government of the USA knows the importance of Emotional Support Animals in healing mental health. Therefore, they introduced ESA Federal Laws to protect them. California is a non-interventionist state that has emphasized the value of owning an Emotional Support Animal and its advantages and health benefits. An Emotional Support Animal provides enduring love, care, and support to help with anxiety, stress, or any mental condition and encourages wellness. Federal and state regulations protect ESAs from discrimination based on mental illness and shield the ESA and its owners from it.

Steps to Get an ESA Letter in California 

An ESA letter acts as legal proof when someone needs to show that he/she is using an ESA for emotional healing, written by a licensed mental healthcare professional. You can go to your mental healthcare expert and apply for an ESA letter there. You must ensure that your mental health professional is licensed from the same state.

You can do it online if you feel it is time-consuming to go to a clinic and find a licensed doctor. For that, what you can do is, find a trusted ESA Provider online. You can also check their background to know if they provide a legit ESA Letter or not. Follow these steps: 

  1. Apply online and answer the questions about you and your pet. Submit those details. A licensed mental healthcare professional will check that form and evaluate if you’re eligible for an ESA letter or not.
  2. There will be 30 day period to provide ESA Letter. After those 30 days, the healthcare expert will evaluate if an emotional support animal can treat your illness. 
  3. If mental healthcare expert finds ESA can treat your illness, you’ll get approved to get an ESA. The ESA letter will be sent via an Email.

The health care provider will assess your mental state to determine whether an emotional support animal is appropriate for you.

To correctly determine your need for an emotional support animal, they will also monitor your mental health over the following 30 days and establish a patient-provider connection with you during that time.

Thus, when you get an ESA Letter, you’ll be able to get the benefits of having an ESA in rental property also. A person don’t need to worry about buying a house to live with your ESA.


I'm a pet lover with 2 dogs and 1 cat. With my fine research skills, I'm able to pen down my thoughts about animals. I'm working for a company that provides ESA letter to people living in USA.

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