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Things You Might Not Know About ADHD

Whenever people hear the word attention deficit hyperactivity disorder the first thing that comes to their mind is a hyperactive person but it is not always true. There are a lot of myths about ADHD that many people believe to be true. ADHD can be dangerous if not diagnosed properly as patients fall into self-destructive patterns throughout their life. Many companies try to convince people that AD-HD is serious most of the time to sell their products but people can live normally with this disability. Here are a few more things that you might not know about ADHD.

  • Hyperactivity

Adam Levine and Howie Mandel both have ADHD but it does not mean that they are hyperactive so all people with ADHD are hyperactive. Many people who have AD-HD do not like to leave their houses or interact with other people. They are the quiet ones in the group and are always busy in their world. 

People with ADHD cannot decide what they want to do and that is the reason they involve themselves in a lot of tasks which makes it impossible for them to complete a task. A new study claims that it is possible that Leonardo Da Vinci also had AD-HD. It can explain why he left many of his projects unfinished.

  • Medication

Another myth about Adult ADHD is that it cannot be treated with medication. The first that a diagnosing doctor will do is to prescribe  AD-HD medicine to the patient. Though only medication is not enough as people with ADHD always need guidance to make the right decisions in their life. If not guided properly they tend to make destructive choices that affect them throughout their life. They always need support emotionally so they can respond to negativity in their lives positively.

  • Paying Attention

There is nothing wrong with people with AD-HD paying attention but the problem is that they cannot control where to pay attention. They can play video games or experiment in their basement for hours without getting distracted. They usually do things that interest them.

It is very difficult for them to focus on things that they do not like. That is the main reason people with ADHD do not have good relationships. If they struggle to pay attention in the relationship then it becomes difficult for their partners to keep reminding them of things.

  • Age For ADHD

Primarily AD-HD was considered to occur at an early age but it is evident that it can occur at any age. Many people live a normal life until they reach college, get a job, or get married. The reason is that at these points of life they get stressed and it becomes difficult for them to manage things. So people can get diagnosed with ADHD later in their life. The only solution is to give proper medication and help them to plan things and get organized. It is also important to help them to prioritize things in their life.

  • Same Symptoms

Different people have different symptoms of AD-HD. People who have ADHD are not always quiet and loner, many times they are the most active, funny, or famous in their group. People think that people with ADHD cannot do public speaking but in reality, a person with AD-HD can do public speaking as a Disability Speaker. Some people with ADHD cannot have healthy relationships and some cannot perform well at their jobs but they prove very helpful in emergencies. So the symptoms of different ADHD patients have different symptoms.

  • Healthy Routine

It is difficult for people with AD-HD to adopt a healthy routine. To have a healthy lifestyle you must have proper self-control, organization, and function. They cannot follow healthy eating, sleeping, and exercising routines. So people around them need to help them adopt a healthy lifestyle.

  • Intelligence

Almost all kinds of people have ADHD. It is a myth that people who have ADHD are intelligent. According to a survey people with ADHD are in different fields like firefighters, doctors, and professors at Harvard. So there is no link between ADHD and intelligence.

  • Do What They Like

It is common for people with ADHD to not perform well at jobs. The main reason is mentioned above as they find it difficult to focus on things that they do not like. When people with AD-HD have jobs they like were interviewed they told that they like what they do and they are also doing well at their job. They just have to keep a reminder of things they have to do as they have short-term memory issues. They can do their jobs well if they like them.

In A Nutshell

With time there is more research about people having ADHD so we can understand them in a better way. ADHD is a lifelong condition and people should learn to live with it so that they can live a completely normal life.

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