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Tips for saving on skincare products for students

If you don’t want to spend too much money on skincare products, you can still take good care of your skin. Try these great tips:

Carefully consider the quality and price before buying these products

Good, quality products don’t have to be expensive. It’s important not to rush into buying any product just because you heard it’s good

Read carefully the information about the product you intend to buy. Read reviews from experts or from people who have used it. Pay attention to the review score if you plan to buy on e-commerce platforms. Being careful is always a virtue that helps us reduce risks and can save a lot of money.

Students, do not ignore the not-so-famous skincare products. Although the packaging is not very clear, its ingredients and quality are quite good. Moreover, these products also have a lot of discount programs applied along with reasonable prices that will be the perfect choice for students.

Hard to tinker to do DIY

Self-care at home, especially making natural masks, is always the fastest and most economical beauty method for students and students.

If your skin is a little rough, wash your face with cool water mixed with a little apple cider vinegar. But if lemon and honey are readily available in the kitchen, mix them with some clay to create a skin-lightening mask. And if you make coffee to drink every day, keep the coffee grounds for exfoliation.

Note: Make sure you understand how the ingredients will react with each other and with your skin. Immediately discontinue use if you notice any signs of irritation.

Buy large-size products with friends

When it comes to skincare, it’s always better to buy a large size than a small one, so you’ll save a lot of money when you invite your friends to buy together. But note that cosmetics have a very short shelf life. Buy only when you’re sure it’s not a one-time-use item.

Take advantage of the sale season

On holidays, websites selling cosmetics and skincare products always have huge discounts, which can be up to 50-70%, moreover, there are many discount codes and coupons launched. Take advantage of these special days.

Don’t forget to make a list of what you need to avoid getting into a situation where you buy more than you need.

When shopping, never forget to ask the staff about the loyalty card. Not only offering offers every month/year, but also a way for them to know that you are a loyal customer of the store.

Use a versatile product

One of the simplest examples of a versatile product is Vaseline. While it does the job of moisturizing lips in the evening, it also does a good job of moisturizing daily to help lengthen lashes.

Join the program for active members

If you’re reading news about discounts on beauty products, chances are you’re already on an active membership program at stores like Sephora and Ulta.  However, as it turns out, every website has a loyalty program, and they’re all different.

Sephora and Clarins’ cumulative rewards points will be product samples in handy travel sizes, while Ulta’s will be discounts on future purchases.  Brands like Tarte and Smashbox will give away gift cards that can be used for anything you want.  What do these brands have in common?  There will be a gift on your birthday.

Hunting for coupon codes

When you decide to buy a product at full price, take it slow and try to do some research on Google before coming to a final decision.  Please type the name of the distributor with the phrase discount code, coupon code.  If the site you’re looking to buy a product from has a sale, sites like Find Coupon Here will notify you with a coupon code.  Then you just need to enter the code at checkout.

Shopping skincare products at Amazon

A lot of brands are not in charge of products sold on marketplace sites like Amazon or eBay. You should see amazon update delivery instructions before making a purchase. However, if you really want to buy the products that are sold directly on the above websites, you will definitely get the product at a cheap price. Check out your favorite brand’s official website for a list of reputable franchise distributors.

Gift yourself a holiday kit

Holiday sets are a great way to buy and try new products without having to buy large sizes. This is especially helpful if you’re looking to buy unfamiliar products that might not have been tried in a store (like mascaras, eyeliners, and skincare products.) Stickers on packaging can be a bit of a hassle to find. peel them off, but they’re really reminders of how much money you’ve saved when you choose to buy the kit.


It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to have beautiful skin. A little diligence, a little sophistication like this will help us save a good amount of money and still be able to beautify effectively. What are you waiting for, do not start applying right away!

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