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Tips to Improve Self Confidence and Self esteem in Autistic children

Children with autism are likely to have changes in how they perceive and engage with the world. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that everyone who has autism experiences it differently. While many children on the autism spectrum will exhibit some common symptoms, each child’s experience of autism will be unique. This also means that the manner in which autism can impair a child’s self-confidence will also be different. Here, we go over some typical ways that autism can disrupt kids’ lives and, as a result, their feelings of worth and self-worth. Talk to your nearest child psychologist or an Online Counsellor who is an expert in dealing with issues of autistic children.

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is defined as one’s total emotional assessment of their own value, which can be either positive or negative. It is an assessment of one’s outward appearance, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors. Self-esteem is one’s assessment of and attitude toward oneself. It encompasses one’s self-perceptions, and accompanying feelings, and is closely linked to psychological health. You may also take help from online counsellor for this also. There are five needs, according to Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which shapes their self-esteem in them. They are:

  • Physiological
  • Security
  • Social
  • Este em
  • Self-actualization

Healthy peer relationships are essential for children’s development of self-esteem. Self-confidence and high self-esteem are also influenced by social approval. Self-doubt and low self-esteem develop when there is rejection and loneliness. You may connect with an online counsellor if your child is facing such issues.

Causes of the low esteem in autistic children

  • There are some differences from peers like dress, interests, and social interactions
  • Negative comparisons with others and self
  • They think that everything will be harder for them
  • There is negative self-talk or they may be focusing on their difficulty
  • Frequent visits to GPs, specialists, and therapists might make them think that something is wrong with them
  • Standing out from the group
  • Bullying and teasing

Signs of low self-esteem in autistic children

  • Negatively speaking about oneself like “I am stupid,” “I cannot do anything.” Etc
  • They cannot take criticism or any kind of feedback
  • They are pessimists, negative, in a low mood, and withdrawn from others
  • They don’t want to try new things
  • They don’t want to seek help
  • They tend to give up easily and ask others to do things for them

Tips to build self-confidence and self-esteem in autistic children

·         Focus on positives

Maintain a cheerful outlook. Oftentimes, kids with autism have a wonderful sense of humor.  Even if you initially fail to recognize it, try to find the good in each child. Make sure your child is hearing things that are appropriate for them to copy because children with autism and Asperger’s are experts at imitating what others say.

  • Keeping the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects in balance

Kids with autism, like most individuals, feel better about themselves when they are in good physical, emotional, and spiritual health. These are all excellent areas for boosting self-esteem. Most doctors advise trying supplements since your child may have digestive issues, which frequently cause them to be extremely picky eaters and inclined to lean toward junk food. However, make sure to consult your child’s doctor first. Additionally, wherever possible, encourage regular physical activity to help your youngster decompress and clear their minds.

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  • Building some new skills

If confidence is defined as self-belief in our skills and abilities, it is obvious that learning a new skill or ability can help individuals who now lack confidence. This can take the form of establishing a new activity or joining a group. Ideas for this can be found in my two articles on autistic hobbies, activities, and sports, which include examples like these:






  • Celebrating each and every achievement

Success is undoubtedly the mother of confidence. But for far too many autistic people, happy endings are hard to come by. This can gradually cause us to doubt our skills and accomplishments, which has a knock-on impact that undermines our confidence. In order to regain a reason to stand up straight, it is imperative to assist autistic individuals in realizing that this need not be the case. This is made much easier by encouraging autistic people to share/discuss/remember 3 things they are proud of having accomplished each day.

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome

Since we frequently feel as though we don’t belong there, many autistic individuals find it difficult to feel secure in social circumstances. For some of us, feeling at odds with our own group stems from the fact that we don’t exactly match the instances of the spectrum we encounter. Imposter Syndrome is a mental state that prevents us from realizing our worth. Whether it prevents us from advancing at work or with friends, it is extremely detrimental to our confidence.

  • Accepting failure

People will often quote confidence-boosting strategies that advise you to view mistakes as learning opportunities rather than failures. However, we are cautious to think that there is always a lesson to be learned since sometimes it is just a lack of the draw to put your all into something and fail or to stand up for yourself and fail miserably, and push yourself, as a result, can lead to unrealistic expectations.

This is not to say that failure should be avoided at all costs; on the contrary, trying to repress or steer clear of any discussion of a bad situation can simply prolong your festering thoughts.

It is always advisable to refer to a professional online counsellor when things with an autistic child become difficult. Taking an Online Counselling session with a child psychologist or meeting with an expert will help understand the complexity that an autistic child faces. They may guide you in handling emotional and behavioral issues that might arise during the course of time.



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