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Top 2 Exclusive Residential Properties in Pune to invest-in

In addition to being the second-largest city in Maharashtra, Pune is also known as the state’s cultural hub. It is historically and culturally a rich part of Maharashtra.

With time Pune has become the center of education, a new-age IT hub, and an industrialized city. It is now one of the most developed cities in India.

Pune has grown into a massive metropolis and is quickly becoming a Hot-spot for residential real estate investment. It is considered one of the most sensible and successful cities to invest in real estate for homes.

Many people look at Pune as a second home option due to its facilities and weather. This is why the real estate sector in this city is also thriving.

Top-Tier Apartments to invest in Pune:

Majestique Landmarks:

Majestique Landmarks which is considered one of the most luxurious and affordable residential property builders in Pune has developed this magnificent property. The project, Majestique Marbella in Pune is a newly launched and highly optimum residential property for potential buyers and is located in Kharadi, Pune. This property was launched in June 2020, and its Possession is highly expected to start in Dec 2025.

Majestique Landmarks which is considered one of the most luxurious and affordable residential property builders in Pune has developed this magnificent property. It’s a perfect choice for potential buyers seeking the finest lifestyle and a premium township project with innovatively designed 2 BHK & 3 BHK in Kharadi, Pune. This project is located amidst schools, colleges, hospitals, and many IT parks. One can live a pollution-free and healthy life here, surrounded by natural beauty.

The lovely locality and ambiance of Majestique Marbella make it a perfect place for its residents to lead a happy and peaceful life. Moreover, its top-notch facilities, contemporary architecture, and brilliant floor plan make all potential homebuyers book their apartments right in Kharadi, Pune. This project is nestled around the lush green forests, families can enjoy beautiful views of rivers and hills from their windows. It is a place that offers a comfortable and peaceful environment for its residents to enjoy a healthy lifestyle surrounded by nature.

YashOne Infinitee Apartments:

VJ YashOne Infinitee is located in the heart of Pune and is considered one of the highly demanded and upscale residential townships in the city. Offering high-end amenities along with top-quality construction, it is designed in obedience to international standards.

It was developed by Vilas Javedkar, who is renowned for delivering top-quality projects in all metropolitan cities. This residential property provides 1 and 2 BHK apartments in its 4 towers, which are spread across 5 acres in Punawale. Punewale is considered the entry point from Suburbs to Hinjewadi IT Park. Thus, it offers great road connectivity to the neighborhood and their families.

Moreover, it offers an in-house 25-seater co-working area, work-from-home facilities, a multipurpose hall, a podium landscape, a temple, a garden for seniors, and much more. This project is currently high in demand and is one of the most searched properties in Pune, catering to the specific needs of all types of potential homebuyers. It is a perfect choice for those looking for an ideal residential apartment in a pristine location with upscale amenities and high-end security.

Amenities to look for before investing in residential properties:

There are plenty of different amenities one can find for different residential apartments in Pune. A huge part of investing in a real estate property is knowing what a buyer wants from it. Here we have listed the top 5 must-have amenities one must look for before investing in real estate.

Play Area for Children:

Whether it’s a lavish villa or a high-end apartment, the neighbourhood must prioritise children. After a long day at school, the child needs to socialise with other children and play with their peers in order to learn the fundamental skills. A basic amenity that one can foresee from a reputable real estate project is a common play area. If a buyer is someone who is interested in purchasing high-end real estate, they can search for sports facilities that are both competitive and supportive of kids learning new sports while fostering their social and interpersonal skills. After all, learning and development need to occur in our homes.

Green Spaces:

Citizens of the concrete jungle are those who live in cities. Concrete keeps us out of the natural world. For city dwellers to get in touch with nature, green spaces are ideal. After a long day, residents can unwind in an inviting space with lots of greenery and lovely landscaping. Green spaces are ideal for holding gatherings of friends and going for long walks after a day indoors at work. In open areas, the neighborhood can cultivate its own edible patches. For both children and adults, gardening can be a very educational and rewarding way to get in touch with nature.

24*7 Security:

Whether or not the community is gated, having a 24-hour security presence is essential. Security must be placed in shifts so that they are always on guard for effective guarding. CCTV cameras give locals a sense of security at home and deter crime in the area. All entries must be registered at a staffed security booth and during routine patrols. The second layer of security is added by climb spikes and security fencing.

Wellness Facilities:

Nothing compares to visiting a spa or meditation center for some rest and relaxation after a busy day. Many of today’s opulent real estate developments feature wellness centers so that residents can pamper themselves. Projects that emphasize wellness are beneficial for both physical and mental well-being. Because it has such a wide range of effects, wellness is crucial. Everyone aspires to live life to the fullest, overcome obstacles, and improve overall well-being for both personal and professional development. Choose real estate that promotes both physical and mental wellness as your investment for such a lifestyle.

On-Site Retail

People who have last-minute emergencies can benefit from on-site retail like a pharmacy or grocery store. Residents occasionally find themselves in the middle of something and require necessities as soon as possible. An on-site supply store is practical in these situations. As a result, one need not get ready to venture outside and deal with traffic for every little thing. One need only use the elevator to get what they need on the property.


The most popular and luxurious places to live in Pune are in the areas around Hinjewadi, Talegaon, Khed Shivapur, Sinhagad Road, Dabhade, Tathawade, Rahtani, and other areas. There is a strong infrastructure, top-notch educational institutions, a number of super-specialty hospitals, entertainment hubs, IT parks, and a wealth of public services and facilities. To live the best life possible, one only needs to move into a flat in Pune right away.

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