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Top Internet Speed Booster Apps for 2022

If you grew up with Ethernet cables and internet modems, then wireless networks may seem like magic. However, it is no magic or science fiction. For example, you can easily check out fantastic titles, exclusively on Select TV!

However, an intelligently put-together network can access the treasures of the world available on the World Wide Web! Nonetheless, all good things have a rotten side as well. And your man-made Wi-Fi network is no different.

There are times when you are stuck with a dead connection or zero signal for unknown reasons. That’s where these terrific apps come in handy. Internet speed boosters are essentially meant to boost the present reach of your Wi-Fi connection. Utilizing speed-boosting software aims to stretch your connection and improve its speed in the process. Listed below are some of the top internet speed booster apps that have carved their reputation in the industry!

Acrylic Wi-Fi Professional

Acrylic Wi-Fi Professional is a Windows-based app that helps to enhance WiFi signals by detecting network issues, giving regular updates about network functions, and carrying out detailed system evaluations to boost the overall performance of the WiFi setup. This internet speed booster app works in connection with 802.11/a/b/g/n/ac/ax wireless networks. And is highly compatible with all the recent versions of the Windows OS.

This app is ideal for all advanced users, which mostly include Wi-Fi network analysts or I.T. administrators. Since it is more on the technical side unlike the other app, NetSpot, which can be utilized by beginners as well, this one is only for those equipped with the technical workings of a system network. Nonetheless, the app features stand out for their impressive ability to attain in-depth data about obscure WiFi networks. While the user employs the monitor mode to gain and evaluate device traffic along with the speed.

If you are interested in using Acrylic Wi-Fi Professional to boost your WiFi signals, it is best to center on several WiFi networks located within the same broadcast perimeter on identical or nearby WiFi frequencies. The app will instantly discover WiFi networks within the same area and display them accordingly. All a user has to do is configure their WiFi network so that it doesn’t correspond with other adjacent network channels.

The best part about the Acrylic Wi-Fi Professional is that the user receives accurate information on how their WiFi performance can be improved via several formats, such as HTML, and TXT, to name a few. Download the app now and enjoy the innumerable benefits of this fantastic app today!

SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator

Another Windows-based app, the SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator is terrific for all the right reasons! This app enhances and speeds up your internet connection by modifying countless Windows-based settings automatically. Since most of the settings come across as technical gibberish to an amateur user and require the help and assistance of an expert I.T. monkey, this app can be used best if it is dealt with by seasoned I.T. administrators.

Nonetheless, the app comes with its fair set of advantages, with the primary one being that it comes with an in-built connection tester. As the name implies this particular feature quickly analyzes the network speed and overall connection quality. Then performs a few automatic tests on various areas such as latency to check if the speed improved or not.

Thus, giving you an exhaustive summary of your network performance. But that’s not all. The SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator contains an optimization wizard. This feature is to recognize the quality of the internet connection and find the best settings for boosting the connection. Although the app has been in the industry for quite some time now, the developers have come a long way to polish the various app features for enhancing its performance.

However, don’t be disappointed by the archaic interface for it is more purpose-focused and only aimed to be used by a certain niche in the market. This app is a great find, especially if your connection constantly breaks down and are suffering from regular network issues.

Opensignal – 5G, 4G, 3G Internet & Wi-Fi Speed Test

Opensignal – 5G, 4G, 3G Internet & Wi-Fi Speed Test is considered one of the best internet speed booster apps that have been released in the industry. And for good reason too! For one, it is designed for smart devices such as iPhone or Android. The main aim of the app is to examine the present capacity of an accessible internet base, which then redirects you to pick up the top connection in the said area.

This is done via the ‘Cell Tower Compass’ built in the app. In addition to this, the app keeps a check on time spent on all visited websites to assess whether the internet connection has sped up or not. The data from Opensignal is accurate and can be trusted for it shows a comprehensive map of your network coverage.

While it runs smoothly on all versions of iOS and Android, the only disadvantage is that sometimes, a user’s private network connection data is shared with other network operators located across the globe, which may make some users, uneasy and uncomfortable. However, the easy-to-understand interface and the efficient workings of the app have skyrocketed it to the top, making it rightfully one of the popular internet speed booster apps that one should look forward to!

Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 3

The name may seem funny but the Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 3 does a great job at troubleshooting your connection problems. And it starts with your system, for any I.T. expert will ask you to filter out your system if you continue to have connection issues. While troubleshooting connection issues manually can often be a time-consuming task, it can pose to be a greater challenge, if not tackled correctly. That’s why this internet speed booster app ensures that your PC is fully examined so that the internet performance can then directly be tested by the tool.

Not only does it enhance the workings of popular web browsers such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, but it also aligns them and deletes all online surfing tracks, ensures that you are never redirected to malicious/spyware or somewhat dangerous programs, and checks out your live connection for optimizing glitch-free connectivity.

The app aims to optimize your connection while also enhancing the network quality of the connection. Furthermore, it helps to maintain signal stability for your connection, so that you can easily watch your favorite movies without ever worrying about buffering or stuttering your connection. Get this app now and resolve all connection issues today!

Wrapping Up

Although one of the commonly asked questions is whether internet speed booster apps work or not, the answer is a loud and emphatic YES! However, using some common internet tips and tricks will also help you with your internet issues while considerably enhancing overall network performance.

Nonetheless, if none of the above-mentioned apps work for you, then maybe it is time to switch to a new internet connection. Why not visit BuyTVInternetPhone and check out the extensive range of service providers in your area. Select an ISP, which is known for its high speed and exceptional reliability, and enjoy stable internet connectivity round the clock.

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