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Treatment of erectile dysfunction permanantly

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction brought on by insufficient blood supply to the penis, PDE5-inhibiting medications are prescribed.

Sildenafil citrate, sold as Viagra, was the first medicine developed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. There are currently various generic versions of Viagra, including Sildenafil 50mg.

Sildenafil citrate oral pills take approximately 30 to 60 minutes to become active, following which the drug remains active for approximately 4 hours. Within these four hours, if you are sexually excited during this time frame, the medicine will allow you to achieve an erection.

Since this was the first oral medicine licenced by the FDA for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, it remains quite popular among those seeking therapy for this ailment.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

Aurogra 100 is another PDE5-inhibiting medication with nearly identical effects to Sildenafil citrate. It provides an additional hour of intimate time with your companion. Sildenafil is effective for four hours, whereas Vidalista 60 is effective for five, providing you an extra hour.

Interestingly, though, these medications only provide brief relief from erectile dysfunction. When you wish to engage in a sexually intimate relationship with your partner, you must repeat the medicine.

Now that we understand the fundamentals of these medications, let’s examine why they are among the most popular. Preferred techniques of treating erectile dysfunction, notwithstanding their transient effects.

How to cure erectile dysfunction

Unlike other therapies, such as penile pumps or injections, these oral medications are exceedingly simple and convenient to use. That demand a particular level of expertise to administer. With oral tablets, they are simply swallowed with water.

These are quick-acting and appropriate for the final necessity. Penile pumps require a considerable amount of time to produce results, whereas surgical implants may take weeks. Months for a man and his partner to experience satisfactory sexual relations. While Cenforce 200 has a quicker onset than Sildenafil, Fildena 100mg has a longer duration of action. However, despite containing Sildenafil citrate, Cenforce Oral Jelly has an onset time of fewer than 10 minutes.

Utilizing oral pills for your therapy is quick and convenient. Affordable remedy for erectile dysfunction, but you must be aware that PDE5 inhibitors are ineffective. If the cause of your treatment is psychological or owing to low levels of testosterone hormone in your body, you may be prescribed antidepressants.

These medications are significantly less expensive than alternatives such as penile pumps, injections, surgery, and implants. Even though brand-name medications for erectile dysfunction might be pricey, there is always a wide variety of generic versions of these PDE5 inhibitors that your doctor can prescribe if you are eligible.

How to cure erectile dysfunction permanently? The right answer is to follow an exercise regime. Cardiovascular exercise helps in improving circulation. The more blood that is flowing the harder and stronger you will be in getting an erection. This is very important, especially for men who suffer from weak and erectile muscles.

How to cure erectile dysfunction? It is very important that you take preventive measures to avoid this problem from occurring. You should try to eat healthy foods and cut down on drinking alcohol. You should also try to improve your sex life by trying some new positions and techniques.


I’m Eliza Makode, and for the last six years, I’ve been working as a Health Instructor at Buygenericpills. I like to share information about health education and awareness, health products, Cenforce, Fildena, Vidalista.

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