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Triund Trek: A wonderful weekend excursion

Day 1

Regarding the time, our five college pals had arranged a weekend trip to Tucson. In Dharamshala, it rains quite frequently and occasionally for extended periods of time. However, on that day, the weather was fantastic, and summer had just started. Since we lacked a vehicle, we intended to travel to Triund using the local transportation. At the beginning of the day, we all met at Dharamshala’s Gandhi Chowk, which is not far from the city’s bus stop. We all had a bus to Meclodganj in mind. 

Meclodganj and the Bhagsunag

The first bus departs for Meclodganj and the Bhagsunaag route at around 8:15 a.m.We boarded that bus in Dharamshala and arrived in Meclodganj at 9 am. Since it was still early in the morning, there were no rickshaws or local taxis that could take us to the Galu temple, which is where the hike to Triund begins. There were some local taxis available, but we all declined to use them because of their exorbitant prices for the Galu Temple.

Food items:

Therefore, at Meclodganj, we all purchased various necessities as well as some food and drink items, such as cookies, juices, water bottles, Maggi, chips, and namkeen. Then one of our insane friends suggested that we buy some alcohol so that we could have fun there at night. We all had a filling breakfast, and having some prepared food in our luggage will be helpful later in the day. We then decided that it could be a novel experience for us to walk from here to Triund after purchasing two bottles of whiskey. 


 Galu temple :

One of my friends may be able to get us to the Galu temple quickly so we can get started on our walk right away. Therefore, we traveled from Meclodganj to the Galu temple at around 9:30 am by way of the serene areas between Dharamkot. One area, Dharamkot, located between 2 and 4 kilometers from Meclodganj, is particularly quiet; you can hear the chirping of the birds there as well as other sounds of the steps you take. It is a really calm location.

So, using the shortcut, we arrived at the Galu temple after an hour of walking. In between resting, we smoked some hash in Chillums, which may have given us a boost for the rest of the day. After that, at around 11:00 am, we completed the Triund registration process near the Galu Temple. We then sat there for a while to take in a natural beauty before beginning the trek to Triund. Since Triund is 13 kilometers on average from the Galu temple. We began our hike from there, taking in the natural splendor, traversing some tiny roads, and shooting photographs at some particularly perilous locations as we went.

One of our friends advised us to take a break, drink some whiskey, and then resume our walk, however as you are likely aware, drinking whiskey will cause you to lose your senses and cause you to tire out quickly. But we all managed to drink two or three glasses of whiskey, and then we started to walk again in the direction of our objective, which we discovered to be quite a distance away. In order to make it there by the time one of our friends had reserved a room for 5 of us at the government rest house of the forest department in Triund, where we were all going to stay, we began to walk a little bit faster. 

We all felt a great sense of relief because we didn’t have to set up tents there to stay and because we didn’t pollute the environment with the trash we brought with us. Everyone should carry their own trash so that we don’t harm the environment.

A layer of snow has covered the stunning Triund.

Day 2 

After getting a good night’s sleep, we all got up early the next morning to watch the sunrise, but only the two of us did so. We sat next to a large stone and looked at Moonpeak while smoking blunts and taking in the tranquillylulling music At Triund, we witnessed the sunrise, which was a completely unique experience for us and one that we will never forget. After consuming some breakfast and spending some time there, we decided to check out of the guest house and depart so that we could arrive at our separate homes by night. After having breakfast there and spending some time at the summit, we were able to descend to Meclodganj and begin our return trip. 

It was a very fulfilling journey, and we all succeeded in capturing some lovely moments outside with our cameras. Additionally, after a 2.5-hour drive, we arrived in Meclodganj by the evening. We ate there at one of the neighborhood restaurants, and we made it home by eight o’clock that evening. Despite the fact that we were all locals, it was a weekend away from home that we will all remember fondly. At the end of this short story, I just want to leave readers with the message to not pollute the environment by carrying their own trash with them.

 If you find any plastic on the way to or from Triund, please pick it up, take it with you, and dispose of it in trash cans. There are several dustbins erected near various cafes and other locations these days. Keep nature clean and cherish it.

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