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Ultimate guide for the ideal height of bathroom vanity

The bathroom is like a sanctuary, a place where you want to feel comfortable and relaxed. You want to enjoy a modern and functional bathroom. To help you create that serene and designer atmosphere, every detail is important. The crucial element for a room that is both ergonomic and elegant is the height of your bathroom vanity. Whether they are free-standing or suspended, it is essential to place them in the right place for optimal use. Let’s discover together the different existing heights and especially the ideal height of the vanity that makes up your bathroom.

The height of the bathroom vanity

The height of your bathroom vanity can vary depending on the model. However, if you take the entire height, you will arrive at approximately the same size. For an informed choice, know that the standard height of a furniture with basin, integrated or not, is between 90 and 93 cm. If you prefer a piece of furniture with a basin to be put down, the cabinet under the basin is 80 cm high and count about 10 to 13 cm for the basin. If you are a medium-sized family, the free-standing vanity will suit you perfectly.

The height of the suspended vanity unit

The big advantage of a wall-hung bathroom vanity is that you can choose the height to suit you. Whether you are small or tall, it will be very easy to adapt it to your morphology. Taking into account that the average height of a single or double basin unit is 90 cm, nothing prevents you from installing it a few centimeters lower or higher to suit you. The only thing that could constrain you to respect the standards would be the layout of the water inlet and outlet.

The height of the bathroom vanity for a person with reduced mobility

For people with limited mobility, the height of the vanity is even more important. It is essential that they can reach the cabinet and easily access the mixer tap. Choose a suspended sink or vanity unit without furniture to allow free access to the wheelchair. Go for examples on Homary.com. Ideally, the bottom of the basin or washbasin should be placed at a height of 70 to 75 cm and the upper edge between 80 and 85 cm. The mirror should be positioned at a maximum of 100 cm from the floor.

The height between the mirror and the vanity

Your bathroom vanity is ready and only waiting for its constant companion, the mirror. In most cases, the gap between the basin and the mirror is 20 cm. However, there are several things you need to consider before applying this measure. First of all, the model of mirror. A simple mirror or a cabinet with a mirror to store your toiletries will not take the same depth and it may hinder its opening if the faucet is high. You should also not forget the primary purpose of the mirror, to be able to look at yourself in it. If you have to stand on your tiptoes or bend in half to see your whole face, you’ve probably chosen the wrong height. Your gaze should reach about the middle of the mirror.

The height of the hanging column

Let’s move on to the bathroom’s favorite storage unit, the hanging column. With its shallow depth, it is the queen of space saving, but at what height should it be installed? For aesthetic reasons, the top of the column is usually aligned with the top of the mirror, creating a kind of visual harmony. However, if your column is not on the same wall as the bathroom vanity and the mirror, you can also arrange it according to your morphology.

Tips for children

Our little ones sometimes have trouble adapting to our world of giants. To access the basin, the famous step is still in use. You can also reserve the lowest storage space for them to put their things. And provide suction cup towel bars that can be placed at any height.

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