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Viga timing spray in Pakistan

What is Timing Spray

A timing spray is just like a perfume that stops the release of libido during intercourse.

It increases the sex duration by 30 to 45 minutes. A man can drive long-lasting intercourse.

It does not have any side effects if you use it within limits. Its quantity is 45 ML in one pack which is used a minimum of 45 to 50 times. Timing spray is a gift for those men who have 2-second timing and feel shame in front of their wives. They do not make happy their own wife. Most relationships are unpleasant due to less timing or low libido. A timing spray can solve your problem. You can do longer sex in the night and make your wife happy.

Delay sprays are non-prescription desensitizing-based products used for treating premature ejaculation. They work by desensitizing and numbing the penis in the most sensitive areas to prolong sexual intercourse.

How do you use a timing spray?

Before going to bed wash the penis. Apply 2 to 3 showers on the penis. Excluding top side (cap) spray in the round. Do not wash the penis after using delay spray. After 5 to 10 minutes you can start intercourse.

How much time does delay spray last?

How long does delay spray last? The desensitizing effects of delay spray typically last for 1-3 hours after applying it to your penis.


Does timing spray work?

Delay sprays, anyhow of their brand or the kind, are effective results. They give a 65 effectiveness rate for unseasonable interjection. Delay sprays can make you last a good three to four twinkles longer. They’re safe to use, and you can indeed use them before having oral coitus.

As mentioned above, delay sprays in general work by desensitizing the penis, making men last longer in bed. But how?

Delay sprays have dose-controlled, concentrated desensitizing substances that reduce penis sensitivity in a controlled manner, resulting in delayed ejaculation without affecting the orgasmic pleasure.

There are two types of FDA-approved delay spray:

Is delay spray harmful?

Too Important detention spray can beget temporary perceptivity loss and conceivably the loss of construction for a short period of time. Like with all lidocaine and benzocaine products the side goods are generally mild but can include Skin vexation.


 How numerous times should a man release sperm in a week?

 It’s fully healthy to exclaim more or less than three times a week! The average interjection frequency for men ranges from two to seven times a week, which is enough wide gap. So it’s clear that there is no right or wrong answer, nor are there any significant health pitfalls associated with interjection frequency.

Delay sprays facts and tips
On average, men last around five to seven minutes in bed, and men with premature ejaculation barely last up to two minutes. Delay sprays can help men last longer up to 65% more, adding three to four minutes to their sexual experience.
Women take at least 18 minutes in bed; therefore, using delay spray can make a good experience for women too.

Where to Buy Timing Spray?

After that, the question is where to buy delay spray that has original products in Pakistan.

Darazbrands.com Recommended, They are delivering products as shown on the website. Darazbrands Provide free and fast home delivery in Pakistan.

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