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Ways to make your Audience Land on an Appealing Landing Page

Ever landed on a page and your first reaction was “This is so cool.”?

Your own landing page can be like that too. From the right color palette to the catchy headlines, everything matters. To create a good brand image, a page must generate interest and clearly communicate with your audience. If you have a business that is lacking online presence, then you should contact Whizamet. They are known as the Best Landing Page Design Agency in London.

In this blog, you will read about all the essentials that will make your landing page a 10/10.

Grab their attention from the Headline 

What’s the first thing a user reads when they visit your page? Do you want it to be “Welcome to our site” or “Beware! We might boost your lead generation.”

The second one seems more appealing, right? This is how you should brainstorm and add a short & crisp headline.

Add the special ingredient – Videos 

When your page has embedded videos, it looks more interactive. In addition to that, you can deliver the information more effortlessly. People who don’t like reading long paragraphs can simply watch the video and still connect with your brand.

Show that people trust you 

Adding customer testimonials to your landing page is a great way to generate brand reliability. Display all the good and worthy reviews by your happy clients.

Make it mobile friendly 

If you are making anything on the internet it should be mobile-friendly. Not everyone out there is using a desktop right now, and maybe you too are reading this blog over your mobile screen.

Add a form and keep it short

Adding forms is a nice way to collect information about potential customers and make them interact with your site. But what if there are so many questions and sections to fill in? They will leave it in between. Make the process easy for them. Keep it short and simple.

Social proof will add authenticity 

Have your product/service changed people’s lives and made them better? Share their stories with your audience. Add a section of social proof so the visitors will get to know your brand is authentic.

Insert Social media into the aesthetic

It can be anything, either your latest Instagram posts or your most popular tweets. You can add whatever perfectly blends into the landing page.

Give them the perfect geolocation

You have given the address in the footer, but if you’ll add geolocation it will bring more value to the page and will also help the user more precisely.

Don’t forget the Call to Action 

The user has liked your page and has reached the footer. What will they do now? Give them some work! Add a CTA that includes a form, a link to your social profiles, or a subscription to a free newsletter.

You have read everything that makes a landing page better, but expert web designers can exactly build according to your need. Reach out to Whizamet, the best landing page design agency in London.


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