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What Are Laid-Back Newborn Breastfeeding Positions?

It’s a common neonatal reflex to breastfeed. Most healthy infants can be put on their parents’ stomachs for skin-to-skin contact right after birth. The infant can start nursing from there. The infant will naturally lift their body up toward the breast, discover the nipple, latch on, and start to nurse if breastfeeding is done in a relaxed manner. The laid-back   Newborn Breastfeeding Positions posture enables the nursing parent to relax as the infant feeds. Nurse Elena Colson has conducted a significant study and has laid out the details of this nursing technique. Nurse Elena refers to it as biological breastfeeding or unhurried nursing. Many lactations and childbirth specialists advocate the relaxed breastfeeding posture as the best way to start nursing practice. The first breastfeeding might initiate it, or it can be utilized afterward. 

How to Use the Laid-Back Newborn Breastfeeding Position

This posture is simple to pick up, simple to remember, and comforting for many new parents. You don’t need to attempt to recall how to hold your baby or your breast to have a proper latch because the baby latches on all by itself.

For both the parent and their infant, nursing is easier to do in this relaxed posture. There are certain fundamental rules to follow to get you started, even though there is no right or wrong way to apply this approach. 

Get Into a Laid-Back Position

Get into a reclining posture on your bed, a sofa, or a chair after taking off your top and nursing bra. Pillows can be used to support your back, neck, and arms if you’d like.

Place Your Baby on Your Stomach

Your baby’s belly should be touching yours, and your baby’s head should be level with your breasts. They’ll start to sniff and feel their way toward your breast at that point. Once they locate it, they will bob their heads, open wide, latch on, and start to breastfeed. (You can also encourage them as necessary.)

Help Your Baby If Necessary

The infant might be able to do this on their own, but you’ll probably want (or need) to become involved. You can cuddle with them, bring them to your breast, hug and support their body, or simply hold them close.

To encourage milk production—and safeguard your nipples from irritation—adjust their latch as necessary so that they get a full mouthful of the nipple and areola.

Gravity will assist the infant in maintaining its stable posture on your body when they rest on your chest. You should nevertheless keep your hands free and ready to protect them.

The Laid-Back Newborn Breastfeeding Positions posture is intuitive and simple for many parents, but not everyone will. Many infants will also want assistance to situate themselves and latch on properly. To become an expert at this feeding method, patience and time are required.

Benefits of Laid-Back Newborn Breastfeeding Position

This approach follows the infant’s natural desire to nurse at the breast. Taking advantage of this biological need as soon as the baby is born might support the development of a successful nursing routine.

Additionally, a lot of individuals who breastfeed discover that this position is accessible and comfortable immediately away, and utilizing it may assist to strengthen the link between parents and children.

In addition to being a wonderful alternative for nursing preemies, twins, and newborns who struggle with breastfeeding, this posture may help avoid painful nipples.

If You Need Help

It is very common for breastfeeding to be difficult at first and/or to require assistance from a lactation consultant in order to get the hang of different positions. The amount of self-care and support you have access to, as well as your state of mind, are all important factors in breastfeeding success.

The reality is that starting to breastfeed is not always simple, and it’s extremely usual to feel disappointed, humiliated, overwhelmed, or frightened. Many new parents report feeling challenged by early breastfeeding. Because of this, a lot of mothers discontinue nursing earlier than they expected. However, many people do create a pleasant and long-lasting nursing habit with persistence, helpful instruction, and support. You and your baby might find it easier to transition to breastfeeding if you use the relaxed breastfeeding posture. You could also opt to concentrate on other positions.

Keep in mind that every parent and child is different. Newborn Breastfeeding Positions may be done in any way—right or incorrect. The ideal position is one that is comfortable for both you and your infant. Therefore, if the relaxed breastfeeding posture is effective for you, excellent. If not, there are a variety of alternative positions you may try, including side-lying, cradle hold, and football hold.

A Word From New Baby N You  

Right after birth—and beyond—feeding your baby in the relaxed laid-back breastfeeding position may be a peaceful experience. This is often a natural, comfortable position that works well for new parents.

But don’t panic if you require some assistance or direction to master casual nursing. You and your baby will probably succeed in this position with a little assistance; if not, you may seek the advice of a lactation expert or just try a different position.


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