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Health and Fitness

What are the benefits of swimming?

Swimming helps to relax mentally and psychologically, as well as helps reduce stress and tension.
Unlike other types of exercise, it is suitable for swimming at any age , creating a social environment in which you can enjoy your free time while contributing to a healthy living routine. swimming This is considered an activity that can only be done during the summer and during the holidays with Lifeguard Training.

However, doing so on a regular basis increases the capacity of the heart and lungs, controls weight and protects existing human muscle mass. The relaxing effects of water have a positive effect on human psychology. swimming This is an exercise that affects the whole body, so every part of the body burns calories. Whether swimming strokes are freestyle or chest – they train all the major muscle groups in your body.


Swimming also gives flexibility to the neck, shoulders, arms and legs. In addition, it improves coordination, flexibility and endurance. Having healthy eating and sports habits is essential to protect the health of the body, prevent acute or chronic illnesses and improve living standards. Foods high in vitamins and minerals should be consumed to increase the body’s resistance. Noting that foods that are consumed are particularly free of hormones also increase health levels. It is important to consume regular amounts of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, which should be consumed daily, experts recommend.

Every age group can easily do cardio exercises are those that reduce the fat ratio in the body. Running, walking, swimming and cycling are some of the cardio exercises. Due to the hot weather in summer it is desirable to swim. It is an exercise that can be performed comfortably by people of any age. Since the load experienced in land sports will not be experienced in the water, it is a sport that can be comfortably performed by anyone small, large, overweight or slender. Young children can start swimming from the age of 4.
Ensures muscle development and overall strengthening
Swimming strengthens all the muscles of the body. Legs, arms, back, abdomen work all over the body, tightening and thriving. If you need inspiration, you can look at the bodies of famous swimmers.

The mental health benefits of swimming

People experience many different stressors during the day. It has effects that increase blood pressure and cause nerve disorders. However, water is known to help lower blood pressure and ease it. Benefits of swimming These include the removal of excess stored energy. With this feature, swimming is an activity that takes place in summer and winter. It is known that people who engage in swimming activities at least one or two days a week feel much better. Because when anger cannot be directed at the right person, it prevents them from shedding negative energy for a long time. This can lead to bad thoughts and misbehavior surrounding you for lifeguard training. Swimming, which is not too exhausting and is a sport that everyone can easily do, also helps to think healthy.

Run All Your Muscles One of the benefits of swimming is that it affects almost all muscles equally. It is normal for you to experience bone and muscle problems because you only train in gym programs when you focus on certain muscles. However, you will not experience such a problem while sailing. In this case, the best way to protect your bones and joints.

Swimming lowers high blood pressure

If you suffer from hypertension, swimming exercises are a great way to lower your blood pressure. One study found a significant reduction in heart rate within a few weeks 10 in men and women who had previously followed a normal lifestyle but suffered from hypertension for lifeguard training. This is especially helpful for people who engage in other exercises due to their weight, asthma or trauma. In another study, after one year of regular swimming, patients with hypertension had improved insulin sensitivity due to a reduction in blood pressure, which is the most important measure to prevent type 2 diabetes.

Swimming and weight control The physical and mental benefits of swimming are actually detrimental. Because its physical effects are also beneficial psychologically. Swimming is not enough activity to lose weight, especially burning fat around the waist is effective. Swimming gives a person a healthy and ideal weight control. During swimming, many muscles function differently, it is a sport that shapes and shapes the body. Especially breast-style 30-minute swimming allows you to burn about 350-360 Kcal. On the other hand, “100 Kcal” can be burned by a half-hour walk and “250 Kcal” by a half-hour bicycle.

Prevent the risk of heart disease

In the study of patients with osteoarthritis; Researchers have found that swimming is as effective as cycling in increasing cardiovascular function and reducing inflammation with lifeguard training. During my swimming, the water surrounds our body and puts pressure on our body. This allows our blood circulation to function more efficiently. Swimming, as well as heart rate regulation, also protects our heart health by regulating blood flow. At the same time, swimming improves the breathing capacity of the lungs and allows more clean blood to reach our heart. Therefore, swimming is an activity that supports more heart health than other types of exercise.

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