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What Are The Job Prospects After Jira Certification?


Jira is commercial computer software developed by Atlassian and prominent all over the world as a sophisticated issue tracking system. It has garnered acclaim for its advanced solutions for Agile and DevOps project management methodology. Presently, it serves a massive customer of over 190,000 existing in multifarious countries. Primarily, the market dominance has stemmed from the fact that it has emerged as a preferable solution to monitor stories, bugs, and epics and as well as keep track of impediments using an efficacious issue tracking system. Enrolling in Jira Testing Online Training would provide you with exceptional opportunities from recruiters all over the world. This is because the prominence of the Atlassian product exists in far-reaching countries and domains.

Now, if you have developed an interest in using Jira software as a technical skill, check out the few sections that proceed.

Advantages of Jira Software:

In an evolving market scenario where effective project management and bug tracking are a must in a development environment, Jira has become popular due to its multitudinous advantages.

  • It is a preferable choice in an Agile work environment. This is because it allows products to be developed as per the predetermined quality, market specifications, and roadmap details. Moreover, it also helps the environment where the company extensively utilizes Kanban boards and Scrum teams.
  • One of the foremost advantages of Jira Certification is the fact that it helps in the organization’s alignment effectively. This means that it allows cross-departmental teams existing in the enterprise to work together and stick to the roadmap. When the organizations have precise visibility and context, they drive the result in a much better way.
  • Furthermore, it is the best solution for creating clear reports and provides dashboards for insights.
  • It is an ideal software for taking care of the project and issue tracking purposes. It caters to widespread users as well and includes engineers, developers, non-technical professionals, and project managers.

Job Prospects for Freshers After Jira Certification:

Now, since you have understood the features and capabilities of the prominent issue-tracking software, you can figure out the industrial significance of the software. Therefore, since the demand is quite high, naturally, the job prospects are in higher ranges. Presently, the average annual salary range of the Jira developers is ₹8LPA. However, the upside of the enriching salary range easily reaches the mark of ₹35LPA or ₹40LPA after 10-15 years of experience. However, for quick and comprehensive growth, you need to ensure that you are on the track continuously. Consistent efforts and career enhancement are necessary to make the most of the high demand and propel your salary towards enriching profitability. Now, you might wonder about the freshers. Well, a certification course is necessary for beginners because it validates their familiarity with the tool. However, you need a quality course that imparts comprehensive knowledge about the tool and its functions.


Jira is a ubiquitous software for industrial purposes and it provides top-end solutions for an issue and bug tracking. It provides an elegant dashboard and convenient function for creating smart reports that propel the company towards making better strategies. However, its main purpose is in rendering the organization towards making a product as per the prespecified standards. Therefore, you can predict that there are proliferating benefits of enrolling in the Jira Testing Training in Delhi and utilizing the software as a marketable technical skill. Comprehend all the functionalities and research more about the use cases of the software to equip yourself with sufficient knowledge for career advancement.


I am Digital Marketing Executive working in Croma Campus Pvt ltd. It is an educational foundation providing rigorous industry-relevant programs designed and delivered in collaboration with world-class faculty. It has been in this industry for a decade and has been offering training in corporate and IT-based courses.

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