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What Causes People Fear in Public Speaking & How to Overcome It?

Although you may think you are the only one suffering from it, fear of public speaking ranks third among all the phobias; hence, it is quite commonplace. Rather than neglecting the condition and situations that may contribute to it – family get-togethers, office conferences, weddings, etc. – you must find out the causes to get rid of them immediately.

The following write-up specifies five things that pave the way for speech anxiety and fear of public speaking. Please check them out right now.

  1. Self-Conscious Among Large Groups

People planning on boosting public speaking confidence admitted that self-consciousness is the number one trigger for performance anxiety. The speech coaches said that their clients openly said they were fine when talking to small groups.

It is a larger group that creates all problems. Two strategies may help you here:

  • remember the people in a large group are the same you have talked to individually perhaps,
  • focus on interacting and forget about presenting.
  1. Self-Admiration

Indulging in immense self-consciousness when giving a speech is narcissistic. How are you supposed to inspire others when all you can do is think about how you look and talk? Turn the spotlight around and try illuminating your audience. You are here for them. They matter the most.

  1. Tension of Anxiousness

Are you tensed your audience will gauge your nervousness by looking at you? It is easy to think that if the audience can see the sweat beads on your forehead or you are pacing fast backstage, they will be sure you know nothing about the topic. But, the two are not connected. When you see nervous speakers, don’t you empathize instead of passing a judgment on their professionalism? Your audience will also extend sympathy and not resistance.

  1. Thoughts of People’s Judgement

You must learn the tough-love message that the audience hardly cares about you. They have come to be benefited from your speech, presentation, or lecture. They want to have a good time.

Watching speakers fail quite embarrassing for them too. They would not want the money they spent to go down the drain. So, believe it or not, the audience is rooting for your success.

  1. Not Content With the Skill set

You may feel doubtful about the speaking skills you possess. You may think they are below par. But doubt or dissatisfaction can act as an amazing spur. In order to hone yourself, you may go through speech training. You may join grooming sessions to escalate your confidence. All of this ultimately makes you eager to speak again.

If you are planning on overcoming the fear of public speaking, you must stop comparing yourself to others and enroll yourself in public speaking training. Your job is not to be like the speakers you see online daily.

It is simply to share your knowledge on a topic that excites you or is passionate about. If one feels good regarding the points they have jotted down after much research; the audience will be too. No worries! The fear of public speaking is a very common problem many people deal with. It is important to address the problem rather than suppressing the same.


I am Emily Jasmine and I have been offering quality services of career coaching for a couple of years now. My chief objective is to help the individuals learn critical skills that are required in the modern-day work environment, build long lasting connections, and make informed decisions regarding the evolution of their career. To know more, please schedule an appointment right away.

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